A Gift Idea for Your Bearded Dude: Elegance Beard Products (Review + GIVEAWAY)

Hey guys! Happy November! Do you know any guy in your life who is participating in No-Shave November this year?…. Or someone who simply has some scruff all year round? Well today I wanted to share a few things that are absolutely perfect for that special bearded dude that we all know and love! Today I want to share how wonderful Elegance Beard is! I happen to know a fella who has a beard, and it happens to be my husband!

Taking care of your beard is just as important as taking care of the hair on your head. Elegance Beard is hand-made in Canada with all-natural ingredients that help nourish, strengthen, and leave your beard looking amazing! With the help of my husband, he tried out Elegance Beard’s products to see if they made a difference with helping tame his scruff, and discovered that Elegance Beard really does do wonders for dudes with some scruff on their face! Here’s the products he tried out:

Hibiscus Blend Beard Oil

Elegance Beard Shop with Kendallyn, Blog, Beauty, Grooming Kit for Men, Gift Idea, Hibiscus Beard Oil

First off, this oil smells so fresh and sweet! Containing oils like Grape seed, Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Vitamin E, and other all-natural essential oils, this beard oil has purposely picked oils that deeply hydrate and add the perfect amount of shine to even the driest, unmanaged beards. With just the tiniest drop, my husband applied the oil to his beard and massaged it into his skin- and wow did it make him smell good with a touch of shine! I guess you could say that it’s wife-approved!

$27.99, Get it here.

Wooden Beard Comb

Elegance Beard Shop with Kendallyn, Blog, Beauty, Grooming Kit for Men, Gift Idea, Wooden Beard Comb

There’s something super cool about a handmade, wooden comb that makes you want to throw out all of the old plastic ones laying around. Made with pear wood, this wooden comb is perfect for evenly distributing the beard’s natural oils, beard oil, and balms of all kinds to better nourish, hydrate, and stimulate growth. Since my husband has been using this comb for a couple of weeks, he’s noticed his beard has a nicer, fuller shape to it.

$11.99 ,Get it here.

Beard BalmElegance Beard Shop with Kendallyn, Blog, Beauty, Grooming Kit for Men, Gift Idea, Beard Balm

Handmade from all natural ingredients, containing no chemicals, alcohol, or artificial ingredients, this balm greatly benefits the beard by nourishing, shaping, and most importantly protecting the beard. With just a tiny amount worked into the beard, it leaves the gentleman looking handsome, with a nicely groomed beard and smelling minty fresh! Not only does the husband like this balm, but I like it too!

$21.99, Get it here.Elegance Beard Shop with Kendallyn, Blog, Beauty, Grooming Kit for Men, Gift Idea

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See the whole collection of beard products by clicking here.

*Huge thank-you to Elegance Beard for a wonderful collab. All opinions are 100% honest and mine.


Elegance Beard and I are doing a giveaway of the Beard Oil, Beard Balm, and Wooden Comb to one lucky winner ($60)! To enter, simply fill out the form below, then click “Begin” to start gaining entry points!

Rules: The contest is open to U.S 18+. Giveaway will end on December 1st, 2017, at 4 PM PST. The winner will have 48 hours to confirm their win after I personally email them, or a new winner will be chosen. I am not responsible for lost or stolen mail. Thank you and good luck!

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