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I know, it’s been super obvious lately that I’ve been on a skin care kick! I’ve been trying out so many different brands and have been having so much fun testing them out and sharing my honest thoughts about them. It’s just nice to know which products work and which don’t. Well today I thought I would share a few skin care products from a brand that hits close to home, literally!

Based in Portland, Oregon, Kensington Apothecary creates nothing but all-natural skin care products that are effective, affordable, and available in natural grocers and other retailers all across the nation. I came across this brand on Instagram, a couple of years ago, and started loving their products when I first tried out their Creamy Coconut Cleanser and have been hooked ever since!

A couple of weeks ago, I got the opportunity to try out a few more of their products and was super excited to see if they worked for my sensitive skin. I picked up a few of their rose infused products and have been loving how they work for my skin. Here are the products that I tried out:

Rose Milk Cleanser

Price & Size: $24 / 4 oz

The Rose Milk Cleanser is infused with, you guessed it, rose hydrosol (fancy word for rose water) and a blend of pure plant oils that are gentle enough for all skin types and with kendallyn kensington apothecary beauty skin care brand rose milk cleanser

When I first tried this out, I was a little scared that it would clog my pores and make me break out, but after washing my face morning and evening with it for the last 5 days, I can say that my skin has been loving this cleanser and hasn’t broken out. I like that just a tiny drop takes every ounce of my makeup off. It’s very powerful, in a gentle way of course!

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Rose Water Exfoliating Tonic

Price & Size: $28 / 4 oz

I’ll admit, I occasionally have scrubbed my face in the past which can really do damage to the delicate facial skin over time. Since stopping that terrible habit, I’ve been on the lookout for exfoliating products that work without having to do any scrubbing. Thankfully the Rose Exfoliating Tonic lifts that tired, flaky outer layer of the skin revealing soft, younger looking with kendallyn kensington apothecary beauty skin care brand rose water exfoliating tonic

After washing my face, I like to pump a few squirts of the tonic on a cotton ball and them sweep it over my entire face, leaving it to soak in and dry before I put on any serum and moisturizer. It has a very light rosy scent which I love and leaves my pores feeling tighter and my skin feeling smooth.

Get it here.

Skin Serum No.1 Ageless Beauty

Price & Size: $33 / 1 oz

Infused with Marine Bioactives, Fig Fruit, and Aloe Vera, this serum is supposed to hydrate, renew and plump your with kendallyn kensington apothecary beauty skin care brand skin serum #1 no.1 Ageless Beauty

I know that I’m only 21, but I love to do all that I can to help “preserve” my skin. After using this serum for a few days after cleansing and applying toner, my skin has been absolutely glowing from using these products, even for such a short time!

Get it here.

After using these Kensington Apothecary products for about a week, I have come to the conclusion that these products are perfect for people struggling with sensitive skin that’s in desperate need of some hydration. Even layering these products didn’t make my skin break out whatsoever which is a huge success for my skin! I’m glad that I can rely on such a wonderful (and super local) company that produces nothing but amazing skin care for all skin-types! Thanks Kensington Apothecary!

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*Huge thank-you you to Kensington Apothecary for a wonderful collab! All opinions are 100% honest and mine.

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