August Skin Care Favorites | Kypris Beauty Haul + Review

Being someone who is an absolute sucker for pretty packaging, I instantly fell in love with Kypris Beauty when I came across their gorgeous products on Instagram. I guess you can say that it was love-at-first-sight! Well when it comes to pretty packaging, we all know that what’s on the inside is what really counts, right? Thankfully, after taking a good look into what ingredients goes into Kypris products, I was even more in love with the brand!

The Beauty of Kypris

Kypris Beauty is a luxurious line of skin care for sensitive skin that uses 100% natural, organic, and sustainably-grown ingredients in each and every holistic product that they produce. Packed with plant extracts and essential oils, each product is packaged in glass and never tested on animals.

Today I wanted to share with you guys a mini haul of Kyrpis’ products that I’ve been incorporating into my skin care routine lately and absolutely love:

Cleanser Concentrate

Price & Size: $64 for 1.58 fl. oz/ 46 mL

I’ve been eyeing this creamy Cleanser Concentrate for some time now and am so excited to finally have my hands on it! Containing 30 natural active ingredients like Moringa, wildcrafted Prickly Pear, and probiotics to name a few, I felt like this concentrated cleanser was the perfect cleanser for my sensitive skin. I’m so glad I was right!
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Just using the tiniest pearl-sized amount and rubbing it into dry or damp skin, it effortlessly melts away any makeup and residue leaving the skin feeling perfectly moisturized. I am obsessed with how my skin feels because most cleansers I’ve used for sensitive skin usually leave my whole face feeling tight and itchy. Thankfully this cleanser leaves my skin feeling absolutely amazing without feeling itchy or like there’s a layer of residue on my skin. It’s absolutely amazing in every way.

Get it here.

Moonlight Catalyst Refine + Renew

Price & Size: $77 for 1.59 fl. oz/ 47 mL

I picked the Moonlight Catalyst up because it’s a natural, gentle retinoid that is designed to even out the skin’s tone, clear up acne scars, keep pores clean, enhance cellular renewal, refine texture and to overall create a more plump, radiant complexion. Containing 16 active natural ingredients like fermented pumpkin enzymes, Hawaiian sea algae, and Sea Buckthorn, the Moonlight Catalyst is extremely nutrient dense, giving me all the more reasons to try it out.

shop with kendallyn kypris beauty moonlight catalyst skin serum beauty blogger

After using it for a week every night before bed, I noticed that my skin had a dewy glow when I woke up and hasn’t looked congested since then. Since incorporating this serum into my nightly skin care routine, I feel like I haven’t been using as much foundation because I haven’t been needing it! I am honestly so impressed with this serum and am so happy that my skin is getting the nutrients it needs to be healthy and acne-free. I can’t get enough of the Moonlight Catalyst! Good thing a little goes a long way.

Get it here.

Since incorporating just a couple Kypris beauty products into my skin care routine, I have already seen such a difference in my skin.  I’m so in love with the integrity of the brand and of course, am still just as obsessed with the packaging as much as I am obsessed with the ingredients. I have tried so many different skin care products in the past, and can truly say that Kypris is one of the most effective organic skin care lines that I’ve tried.




*Huge thank-you to Kypris for a wonderful collaboration. All opinions are 100% honest and mine. 

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