Smashbox Favorites: Essentials for Flawless Skin

Hey everyone! Today I thought I would share some of my current favorite makeup essentials that I’ve had the opportunity to try out and have grown to love. Being such a makeup lover, especially loving amazing makeup brands like Smashbox, I like to put products to the test and share my thoughts about each item that I’ve personally tried out! Today I wanted to share all of the Smashbox products I currently have in my makeup bag that create a flawless look, so I hope you enjoy! Let’s take a peek inside my little Smashbox collection, shall we?

Limitless Waterproof Brow Definer

shop with kendallyn flawless smashbox cosmetics sephora makeup limitless waterproof brow definer

The Limitless Waterproof Brow Definer makes it so easy to immediately get lusher, fuller, denser, and textured brows. Being super buildable, long-wearing, humidity-resistant, and sweat proof, this stuff is supposed to stay put all day with kendallyn flawless smashbox cosmetics sephora makeup brow enhancer

Using a small angled brush, I like to load a tiny bit of the Brow Definer onto my brush, then use whispy strokes in the direction that my eyebrow hairs naturally grow. This creates a more natural eyebrow look. The first time using it, I was a little hesitant thinking that it would look really cake-y, but to my pleasant surprise, my eyebrows looked pretty natural. Plus the product on my brows stayed in place all day long!

$26, Get it here.

Brow Tech Matte Pencil in Taupe

shop with kendallyn flawless smashbox cosmetics sephora makeup brow tech pencil in taupe

The Brow Tech Pencil is designed to mimic the look of real individual hairs. After I filled the majority of my brows with the Brow Definer, I then tapered off the ends of my brows with the Brow Tech Brow Pencil, creating a razor-sharp tip of the brow. 
shop with kendallyn smashbox cosmetics sephora makeup flawless

I then super lightly created individual “hairs” in some sparse areas, creating more of a realistic brow look . After trying out this pencil for the first time, I realized it’s easier than ever going in and perfecting the details with this baby! Love it!

$21, Get it here.

24 Hour CC Spot Concealer in Neutral Light Beige

shop with kendallyn flawless smashbox cosmetics sephora makeup 24 hour cc spot concealer

The CC Spot Concealer now one of my favorite additions to my makeup collection because its perfect for those little blemishes that happen to pop up on the most random places on the face! Created to color correct and hide the redness of blemishes, this CC Spot Concealer definitely works wonders.

shop with kendallyn flawless smashbox cosmetics sephora makeup

Of course I had a tiny blemish pop up next to my nose, so I put a tiny bit of the concealer on my face, and BAM, the blemish was hidden leaving my skin looking virtually flawless. I love that the CC Spot Concealer is super blendable so it can be applied over top of makeup!

$25, Get it here.

L.A. Lights Blendable Lip & Cheek Color in FairFax Fuchsiashop with kendallyn flawless smashbox cosmetics sephora makeup L.A Lights blendable lip and cheek color stick

This Blendable Lip & Cheek Color Stick in the color “FairFax Fuchsia” probably has to be one of my current favorite Smashbox products because it has a couple of different uses. Being super blendable and light, this color stick brings out such a healthy glow to the lips and cheeks.

shop with kendallyn flawless smashbox cosmetics sephora makeup l.a lights color stick

I like to apply a super tiny amount to the apples of my cheeks and blend it out with a beauty blender. I also dot on some of the Color Stick to my lips creating a super natural looking pink sheen. One of my favorite things about the color sticks is that the formula doesn’t irritate my lips (which just about every other lip color on the planet does!).

$29, Get it here.

The Finished Look 

shop with kendallyn flawless smashbox cosmetics sephora makeup finished makeup look

I hope you enjoyed me sharing some of my favorite Smashbox products! I am all about that natural, blended-out, glowy makeup look, and Smashbox makes it all the more easy when using their products! Thanks, Smashbox!

Shop Smashbox

See the whole collection of products that leave your skin looking flawless by clicking here.



*Huge thank you to Smashbox Cosmetics for a wonderful collab! All opinions are 100% honest and mine. 

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