August Hair Care Favorites | MOP (Review)

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If you’ve been following my past hair care favorites, you would know that I’ve mentioned MOP quite a few times. I’m sharing it again this month because I’ve tried out a few more of their products and have been loving how these products have been treating my super long hair. Since my hair is about waist-length, I like to try out all kinds of products to help keep my hair the healthiest it can be! Here are some of the products I have been using, how they work, and my thoughts about each one:

Basil Mint Revitalizing Shampoo

shop with kendallyn MOP hair care basil mint revitalizing shampoo

Use: Infused with Basil, Mint and Sage extracts, the Revitalizing Shampoo is helps stimulate the scalp, regulate dandruff and control excess oil production. Naturally derived cleansing agents revitalize the hair and scalp without over drying your skin.

Thoughts: Having a unique, minty scent, I absolutely love the Revitalizing Shampoo. After each use, my hair smells great, and is left feeling fresh and clean. I love that it removes product buildup so that I can easily go for up to three days without having to wash my hair.

$20, Get it here.

Mixed Greens Moisture Conditioner

shop with kendallyn MOP hair care mixed greens moisture conditioner

Use: Packed with natural enzymes, vitamins and nutritious greens, the Moisture Conditioner is designed to effortlessly remove soapy residue. Vitamins help soften and detangle even the most unruly hair.

Thoughts: This probably has to be my all time favorite product from MOP because it does the absolute best job at silkening my hair. With just a tiny amount of product, I can immediately feel my hair soften and detangle as soon as I run it though my hair. The best thing about this conditioner is that it rinses clean, so it doesn’t make my hair feel heavy once it’s rinsed out.

$22, Get it here.

Mixed Greens Leave-in Conditioner

shop with kendallyn MOP hair care mixed greens leave-in conditioner

Use: Vitamins A & E protect and strengthen while adding moisture and shine to all types of hair.

Thoughts: Every time I get out of the shower I immediately run the Mixed Greens leave-in conditioner through my long locks. Doing this while my hair is still wet helps add shine and makes it look so much better on the days where I allow my hair to air dry.

$22, Get it here.

Basil Mint Clay Hair Firm Hold Texturizer 

shop with kendallyn MOP hair care basil mint clay texture putty

Use: The Basil Mint Clay delivers a strong hold that lasts all day and night. This paraben-free formula utilizes natural ingredients including clay and beeswax to help stylists and consumers achieve exceptional performance.

Thoughts: First off, a small amount of the clay goes such a long way. Having a light minty scent and super waxy, matte finish, it can be used on both wet and dry hair. My most favorite way to use this stuff is coating my fingers in it and then braid my hair. Coating my fingers in the clay helps keep all of my fly-aways tightly secured in the braid making it look super sleek. I also like using it to tame any frizz, especially when I put my hair up in a bun or pony tail. Love this stuff!

$22, Get it here.

I highly recommend MOP for everyone because there is a product available for every kind of hair type.

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*Huge thank you to MOP for a fun collaboration. All opinions are 100% honest and mine. 

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