The Key to Silky Hair: Niucoco’s Virgin Coconut Hair Care (Review)

Yummy! There’s nothing better than the sweet smell of creamy coconut!

Recently I had the opportunity to test out Niucoco’s Coconut Oil Shampoo + Conditioner. Being someone who loves testing out different hair care products (you can tell by my last few posts), I love to put different products to the test to see which ones work and which ones don’t.

Trying out different hair care products is also fun because I have extremely long hair, so I have a ton of it to test different products out with! It’s getting so long that it’s sort of a pain to style anymore though. That’s why I like relying on good shampoos and conditioners to leave my hair looking healthy and hydrated so I don’t have to go through the trouble of styling my hair (which unfortunately takes hours).

So getting the chance to try out the Hydrating Shampoo ($29) & Smoothing Conditioner ($33) from Niucoco, so far it has made my hair feel super soft and smooth. The duo is made with all-natural hydrating ingredients like vitamin E, and cold-pressed virgin coconut oil that leaves hair soft, hydrated, and super shiny. The first time trying out the Hydrating shampoo, it immediately made my hair feel silky as I lathered it through my hair.

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After trying out the shampoo, I ran the smoothing conditioner through my hair, let it soak in for a good 5 minutes, and rinsed it out. After towel drying locks, I couldn’t believe how luxuriously soft my hair was.

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I absolutely love how well Niucoco’s shampoo and conditioner work. Every time I use this duo, my hair ends up feeling velvety and oh, so manageable. I highly recommend Niucoco to anyone who could use a deep treatment that silkens and smoothes dry brittle hair.

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*Disclaimer: Products received as sample to review. All opinions are 100% honest and mine.


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