Keep Color-Treated Hair Vibrant this Fall with ABBA Hair Care

“Invest in your hair. It’s the crown that you never take off.”

Fall is sure creeping up fast! I can already see the seasons transitioning right before my eyes! Another thing I’ve noticed lately is that a lot of people are “transitioning” their hair color! It must be that time of year where a lot of people ditch their light summer hues to darker tones for the colder months!

I’m sure you all know that transitioning to deeper, darker tones or any hair color means switching up your traditional shampoo and conditioner, right? In order to keep darker hues vibrant, it’s important to use a shampoo and conditioner that are gentle on color treated hair. So for all of you ladies and gentlemen that are out there looking for a hair care duo that locks in lasting color, I highly recommend ABBA’s Color Protection Shampoo, Conditioner and Smoothing Blow Dry Lotion. This stuff is amazing and keeps hair looking beautiful all season long!

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Color Protection Shampoo ($17) and Conditioner ($18)

Being someone who has color treated hair myself, the color protection shampoo and conditioner has literally transformed the quality of my hair-without lifting the color. Made with 100% pure botanicals including coconut, sage, and ABBA’S special ProQuinoa Complex, this shampoo and conditioner deeply cleanses and nourishes each strand of hair without lifting or fading the color.  My color treated hair went from being dry and brittle, to extremely soft and shiny. I can’t stop feeling my hair whenever I use it!


Smoothing Blow Dry Lotion ($18)

Now this yummy smelling Blow Dry Lotion is the perfect sidekick to the Color Protection shampoo and conditioner. Infused with mango extract, ProQuinoa Complex, and barley protiens, this Blow Dry Lotion smoothes even the curliest of hair. I  have honestly always dreaded blow drying my hair, but this stuff makes it so much easier.

smoothing-blow-dry-lotion-150mlI seriously never knew my hair could look and feel so amazing! Having been around for around 25 years and knowing a thing or two about what works best for hair, ABBA’s products contain nothing but the purest ingredients that are 100% vegan and gluten-free. These ABBA products really have transformed my hair for the better and are honestly some of the best hair care products I have ever tried. I highly recommend this stuff to anyone who is trying to preserve their hair color this season because you can’t go wrong with ABBA!

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See the wonderful selection of gluten-free hair care by clicking here.


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*Disclaimer: Products received as samples to review. All opinions are 100% mine.


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