Tan Just in Time For Swimsuit Season Without the Sun: Skinny Tan Review

Just in time for Swim Suit Season!

Being someone who absolutely loves being in the sun, I still know the not-so-great results of loving it a little too much when not taking precautions: Wrinkles, leathery skin, sun spots, and even potential skin cancer- NO THANK YOU! That being said, I always find myself slathering on sunscreen to preserve my skin the best I can.

Even though I get slightly tan in the summer when I wear sunscreen, I occasionally like to look a little extra bronzed with the help of self tan. Luckily I can still have that glowing tan without paying the price of sacrificing my skin to the sun. I’ve tried quite a few self tanners that were either hits or misses in the past, so I am excited to try this new self tanner that is supposed to give you an amazing tan! And what a perfect time to test this self tanner out when I have absolutely no tan whatsoever! Today I wanted to share with you my experience with putting Skinny Tan to the test and sharing my results!

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Skinny Tan is a popular company from Australia that has just made its way to the United States.  Skinny Tan has an amazing selection of products like tanning mousse, a 7-day tanner, and gradual tanner along with products that help prep the skin before applying the tanning products. All of the tanning products contain Guarana, a natural tanning ingredient that helps produce a gorgeous bronzed tan that lasts.

I got the wonderful opportunity to put the creamy Gradual Tanner ($29.95) to the test to see just how well it works. The natural sunless tanner has a lower level of tanning ingredients so that it can be layered on to achieve the preferred depth of tan. Not only is it suppose to give a customized streak-free tan, it’s also suppose to cover up cellulite, imperfections and deeply moisturize the skin.

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Before applying the gradual tanner, I first prepped my skin by using the Pre-Tan Primer ($24.95). The primer is a yummy smelling exfoliating scrub made out of crushed walnuts that helps get rid of any dry or dead skin cells. I used this scrub in the shower using a loofah focusing specifically on my knees and elbows to scrub away any dead, rough skin that I might have had- and wow, it made my skin feel so soft!

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About an hour or so later, I applied the Gradual Tanner with the Skinny Tan Applicator Mitt ($9.95). The soft mitt made it so easy to apply the tanner while protecting my hands from becoming unnaturally pigmented.

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After applying Skinny Tan‘s Gradual Tanner all over my body, I didn’t notice until a few hours later (which is expected) for any color to start to develop. The next morning I was very pleased with the light golden glow that I had! I applied some more gradual tanner and again, later that evening my legs were a little darker. I did this for one more day and stopped because I was super happy with my color! Three days is all that it took!

Once I was happy with my color, just for fun I applied the After Glow ($9.95), a beautiful clear finishing gloss that smells like coconut which helps extend the life of the tan, seals in moisture, and makes the skin look super shimmery without the tacky glitter that some lotions contain.

Here are my results:

On the left in the picture below is the before picture of my super pale legs, and on the right is 3 days/uses later.

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I am honestly so impressed with Skinny Tan because it makes my legs look perfectly tan without that orange-y color that some sunless tanners leave. The Gradual Tanner also didn’t leave any streaks or weird splotches and really seems to cover up any imperfections and cellulite. I would say that Skinny Tan is one of the best gradual tanners I’ve used recently and I highly recommend using it because it’s customizable, looks so natural, and doesn’t leave any streaks. I’m so glad that it is finally available in America and can definitely see why it is such a hit in Australia!

So if you are naturally pale or want to intensify the tan that you already have this summer, Skinny Tan is a wonderful option that leaved you glowing! Thanks Skinny Tan!

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Thanks for shopping with me! What’s your favorite product from Skinny Tan? Let me know in the comments!

*Disclaimer: Product received as sample to review. All opinions are my own.

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    1. Hi Jen! I didn’t apply it to my face because I already had my makeup on each time I applied it. I did apply it to my neck though, which blended perfectly and didn’t look splotchy whatsoever. Hope this helps!

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