March Beauty Favorites: DollUp Makeup Clutch Review + GIVEAWAY

“Makeup is self-confidence applied directly to the face” – Anonymous 

Makeup’s Innovative New Best Friend

Not sure if it’s just me, but I can’t go anywhere without bringing along my frumpy makeup bag which makes it a pain to stick in any of my bags without making it look bulky. It’s probably unnecessary to lug my whole makeup bag around, but hey, you never know when a “makeup freak accident” will happen so you’ve just have always got to be prepared- at least that’s what I always think!

Anyways, since I’ve parted ways with my old makeup bag, I have found that the Dollup Makeup Clutch ($52) is so much better than any other silly old makeup bag I’ve had in the past! Today I wanted to share with you my thoughts about this innovative case, show how it works, and also give you the chance to WIN one of these beauties! So please enjoy this post and don’t forget to enter the form at the bottom of the page to enter my giveaway!

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Keeps Makeup Secure

Seriously, this clutch is complete perfection. I have the JetSet Black Case ($52), one of the many different colors to choose from. I love this gorgeous faux leather clutch because it fits into any of my bags with ease, and securely holds all of the things that I can’t leave the house with: Concealer, mascara, lip gloss, eyeliner, and powder.  The elastic bands are so convenient with holding all of my makeup in place, so I don’t have to ever worry about them being rattled around my purse like I had to when I used a traditional makeup bag!

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Super Customizable

Not only does this clutch securely hold makeup with elastic bands, it also has a customizable magnet palette compartment under the mirror to effortlessly store even more cosmetics like powder, blush, and eye shadow! You can simply pop out some of your favorite eye shadows and other makeup items from your favorite pallets, or buy makeup directly from I think I am going to get the wonderful, high quality Coverup Powder ($22) for my Dollup Makeup case as my next purchase!

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Mirror, Mirror

Another amazing thing that makes this versatile clutch so unique, is that it can fold into a portable vanity right on the spot! That way, if I’m ever in a hurry and haven’t finished putting on my makeup, I can easily whip this out wherever I am!

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In conclusion, what I love so much about Dollup Cases, is that not only are they sleek and stylish, they are very practical, innovative and one of my new favorite accessories to take with me on the go! Thanks to Dollup Beauty I can have all of my favorite makeup essentials with me in one neatly, organized place at home OR on-the-go!

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Visit the link below to see all of the beautiful clutches and beauty products Dollup Beauty has to offer:

*Disclaimer: I received this as a sample. All opinions are my own.


One of my lucky readers will win the gorgeous SugarCube White Dollup Case (worth $52)! Simply fill out the form below to start entering! A winner will be announced April 23, 2016. Good luck!

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  2. Cool facts, cool facts…I am brilliant and gorgeous, how’s that? Prettier than any supermodel! (I am also a liar, LOL!)

  3. Love her!! I love this blog I really want ot win because I have followed this blog from a long time back and have loved every second!!

  4. I love all your tips and tricks and you give amazing giveaways! I hope I am blessed by winning one someday! Maybe it will be this one?! It’s so neat! Love that clutch!!

  5. At first I thought it was gorgeous and functional as-is but then I saw it folded up to be used as an on-the-go vanity. Holy-Moly I’ll have to get one so I don’t have to struggle with doing my makeup while I’m visiting my family.

  6. This product sounds awesome! Wonderful description! Checked out their website! Keep on blogging about great makeup!


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  11. Hummm a cool fact about me is that I’m going back to school as a 30 something mother! It’s been such a confidence boost and It’s something great for me to spend any extra time I have doing. 🙂

  12. This product is amazing! So cute and portable but so functional. Love your blog and thanks for all the tips!

  13. I am a amazing momma and daddy,I have found strength through my son, I rock loving other’s and being kind! I love to give to others and I am hoping to get a win on this. Much needed! So happy to have found your blog, keep being fabulous! 🙂 much love

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