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 Lately my hair has been looking so dull and dry at the ends because I haven’t got around to getting my hair trimmed in awhile!

In the meantime before I make my hair appointment, I’ve been trying out products to help with my hair dilemma that help make it look somewhat presentable before I get my long locks trimmed! Today I thought I would try out Marc Anthony’s Morocco Argan Dry Styling Oil. It is a very light argan oil that is non-greasy that helps dry, damaged hair (like mine!) and fights frizz and bonds split ends making the hair look nourished and shiny.

Well don’t mind if I do! That sounds amazing.


After I took a shower, I sprayed it onto my damp hair and combed it through. It made my hair smell so good! Once I combed it through, it didn’t feel like I had any product in my hair. I let it air dry, then styled it by using a curling rod and smoothed it out by brushing it. I then reapplied it by misting it over my finished look.

Here are the results:


My hair looked so glossy and healthy when I used Marc Anthony’s Morocco Dry Styling Oil! What a perfect product. I definitely recommend this product for everyday use and especially if you are a little late on a haircut!

Have you used any Marc Anthony products? Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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