The Perfect Valentines Day Gifts For Him

With Valentine’s Day just about here, I thought I would share a few gift ideas that would definitely kick basic chocolates and teddy bears right to the side! Whenever I think of getting a gift for someone, especially my husband, I usually like to get him something he could actually use! These products are affordable and would probably make your guy way more thrilled than any silly teddy bear. But maybe you can gift him chocolates as well, because who doesn’t some like sweets?!

Anyway, here are some cool products that would be meaningful, yet super useful:

Macho Box

The Macho Box is a subscription box for men that comes with all kinds of essentials and products that men absolutely love! All of the items in each box come from USA or Canadian businesses so you know that you are getting quality products.

I gifted my husband a Macho Box and it was fun seeing him go through it and getting excited about all the cool goodies that were included in the box! Here are the things that came in January’s Macho Box:

Billy Jealousy Strengthening Shampoo 

This Fuzzy Logic Shampoo smells so amazing! All guys need some strengthening shampoo in their lives.

Mad Viking Bear Co. Blackout Soap Bar

If this doesn’t scream manly, I don’t know what else does. Made with all natural ingredients, this soap does the trick to impress your man while leaving him and his beard squeaky clean!

XPN Protein Shake Mixer + Protein Shake Mix

I thought it was cool that the Macho Box included a whole protein shake mixer and two protein shake mixes to try out! That way he can try them and if he ends up liking them, he can buy more!

Versace Cologne

I do love a good cologne on my man, and this cologne smells SO good! This mini bottle of Versace is basically a treat for the person gifting the Macho Box because they get to enjoy the smell of the person wearing it!

Billy Jealousy Molding Cream

A good hair cream is an essential for every guy so I was so glad to see this in the Macho box! It gives guys the opportunity to try out products that they have never heard of!

Shop with Kendallyn, Gift for him, Gift a Macho Box to that special dude by clicking here.

Now most guys probably won’t admit it, but they do enjoy self-pampering products! Besides the Macho Box, I also got these products a few months ago for my man, and boy was he excited to have products to use on his beard. After seeing his reactions to these products, I wanted to share why these would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for your man as well!

Van Der Hagen

Shop with Kendallyn, Gift for him, Van Der Hagen

Most men like to switch between scruff or clean-shaved faces ever so often, so it would only make sense to gift them quality products! The cool thing about Van Der Hagen is that you can find it at basically any store like Target, Fred Meyer and other big retailers. The products are super affordable yet still are made with quality ingredients.

See the whole Van Der Hagen line here.

Tame The Beast 

Shop with Kendallyn, Gift for him, Tame the Beast Men's Skin and Beard Care

For that man with a beard that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, Tame The Beast products can really be a fun gift to receive. They have all kinds of beard products that can tame any “beast” (or beard). My husband has been using the beard and body shampoo lately and it smells so minty!

I hope I gave you some good gift ideas to get for that special guy in your life! It’s honestly such a good feeling to get him something that he will genuinely be happy to receive!

See all of the products by clicking here.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 








*Huge thank you to these brands for a fun collab! All opinions are 100% honest and mine.

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