5 Good Habits to Have For Clearer Skin

Hey guys! Today I thought I would share a few super simple habits to adopt that are probably mostly a no-brainer, but just thought I would share anyways because some of these simple things that we might lack on just might be a factor as to why these pesky pimples like to stick around! Here’s a little list of the habits that I’ve adopted religiously and find that my skin has been much clearer and happy!

1. ALWAYS Wash your hands before touching/washing your face.

Not to make anyone feel like a dirty person, but let’s be real, who knows what kind of bacteria is lurking on our hands or under our fingernails before we touch our face! It is so easy to pick up all kinds of bacteria wherever we go, so it is very important to stop and wash our hands before we touch or wash our face. I know its hard to remember to wash our hands before we touch our face, but dirt or bacteria that gets on the face can easily cause a breakout. And if any bacteria gets into the eyes, nose or mouth it can cause all kinds of sickness and infections.

2. Leave Cleanser on for at least two minutes

Every morning and evening I like to make sure to take a little extra time to massage my face and let the cleanser soak in and lift all the gunk off my skin. My absolute favorite cleanser of all time has to be Malin + Goetz’s Grapefruit Face Cleanser ($34) because it was made for people with sensitive skin that still need a deep cleanse without completely stripping the skin of it’s natural oils. Since taking a little bit more time to cleanse my face lately, I’ve noticed that my skin always feels so clean and I haven’t been having as many breakout because of it. I highly recommend trying it!

3. Dry Face with a Separate Cloth

Drying your face with a separate cloth is another way to simply avoid bacteria to get on your face, especially if you are someone who reuses their towel a couple times before getting a fresh one. If you don’t reuse your towels, simply drying off your face first with a fresh towel is a good habit to have.

4. Invest in a good toner 

Using a toner can do a lot of good things for your skin such as getting rid of excess oil, help improve skin’s pH balance, shrink pores, moisturize and add an extra layer of protection. I’ve been incorporating toners into my daily skin care routines for a couple of years now, and since doing so, I’ve noticed how big of a difference they have made on my skin. My current favorite toner is EUYIRA’s Firming Facial Toner ($28) because it helps firm, soften, and lift any leftover makeup that I might have on my face.

5. Wash your Makeup Brushes!

This is something that even I get lazy on tackling, but washing your makeup brushes can really help clear skin up because dirty brushes are the perfec breeding ground for all kinds of icky bacteria and smothering your face with them every day without washing them can definitely do some bad for your skin!

I hope this post is useful and has taught you at least something! I’m not saying that if you pick up all of these habits that your acne will magically disappear, but adopting these habits could definitely help improve the health of your skin! I know that these habits that I have definitely work for me!

What are some of your tips for clearer skin? Let me know in the comments!

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