The Perfect Home Decor Piece For Any Home: RIVI Co. Letter Boards

Now I am a huge fan of inspirational quotes. I always find myself drawn to sweet, simple quotes that are either funny, give a little extra boost of confidence or bring a smile to my face.

With that being said, I came across RIVI Co.’s Instagram page and completely fell in love with their letter boards that make it easy to display any quote you wish! I know, I know, letter boards have been around for decades, but they are making a come back that I don’t think will go out of style any time soon because they are simply so darn cute!

It Was Love at First Sight

After browsing RIVI’s big selection of boards, I picked out the beautiful classic 12 x 18 Black + Oak Letter Board. I chose this board because it’s the absolute perfect size for all kinds of quotes. Since it’s getting close to Valentine’s Day, I thought I would do the honors by using this little quote that is very, very true:

Shop with Kendallyn, RIVI co. Letter Board Blog Post Product Review

Upon looking at all the different things you can do with a letter board, I found they are best for:

  • Engagement Photos
  • Birthdays
  • First Day of School Pics
  • Maternity Photo Shoots
  • Pregnancy Announcements
  • Weddings
  • Home Decor
  • The list goes on and on…

I also received two letter sets in white and pink which both come with 290 individual letters each that includes numbers, symbols and even little “Emoji-style” faces to express literally anything that comes to mind! That is VERY generous amount of letters and symbols if you ask me!

Shop with Kendallyn, RIVI co. Letter Board Blog Post Product Review

$16 each, get them here.

Another cute little goodie that comes with every set of letters is this plastic pouch to keep all of your letters together. That way you never lose a crucial letter that you need for your quote!

Shop with Kendallyn, RIVI co. Letter Board Blog Post Product Review

Letter boards are absolutely perfect for everyone, but especially people who are extremely indecisive when it comes to home decorating like myself! I always find myself constantly rearranging and switching things up in my house, but with a letter board, all you have to do is quickly change the quote in a breeze. That’s the beauty of letter boards!

Shop with Kendallyn, RIVI co. Letter Board Blog Post Product Review

I set my board on a chair in my office for now and think it’s the perfect addition! I will probably soon move it into my kitchen though because it needs to be seen by everyone who comes to visit!

Anyway, I am so happy with my letter board, and will honestly never get tired of it in my home! The creative possibilities are endless with my RIVI Co. Letterboard!


Pick up the perfect letter board by clicking here.







*Huge thank you to RIVI co. for a wonderful collab. All opinions are 100% honest and mine. 

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