January 2018 Degustabox Subscription Review

Hey guys, Happy 2018! It seems like 2017 flew right on by! Looking back at this last year, I was thinking about all the wonderful Degusta boxes that I’ve received and how much fun it is to be apart of the Dexustabox Subscription service! So since it is a new month, that means there’s a whole new Degustabox! Today I wanted to share with you guys what exactly what came in this month’s box! Enjoy!

What’s a DegustaBox?

The Degustabox is a monthly subscription box that brings your favorite snacks straight to your doorstep every month. The subscription costs $19.99 per month bringing you a big box of 10-15 goodies and products inside. When my Degustabox showed up to my house, I was surprised with how big and heavy the box was. When I opened it up, I found everything perfectly wrapped in brown paper. Degustabox does such a good job with wrapping the breakable glass items in bubble wrap to make sure no accidents happen upon delivery.

Taking a look inside the January box, I found so many delicious full-sized snacks and some products that I’ve never heard of! The box came with a few pieces of paper that tell a little bit about the products included in the box, and  sometimes includes a couple of recipes that include some of the products!

Here’s what came in my January 2018 Degustabox:

BoomChickapop Sea Salt Popcorn ($1.39 each)- Containing only sunflower oil, sea salt, and of course popcorn, this delicious snack is only 35 calories a cup. Being a huge popcorn lover, these are definitely tasty! I approve!

Monini Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($10.99)- Now I love to cook with olive oil more than anything else, so this was nice to find the full size product in this month’s box! I like to saute veggies on the stove with a little olive oil and sea salt because it’s so easy and adds even more nutrients to your food! I love cooking in olive oil as well because it gives food such a delicious flavor. Can’t wait to put this to use!

Maya Kaimal Naan Chips ($1.29 each)- I absolutely love naan for its light, airy texture and delicious flavor. These naan chips are very simple, which makes them go perfectly with all kinds of dips and cheeses. They are the perfect addition to any party, get together, or gathering. Love them!

Loacker White Chocolate ($1.99)- So I was first introduced to Loacker products through past Degusta boxes and absolutely love the brand! Having never heard of their White Chocolates before, I was very happy to discover how delicious they are! The fine white chocolate goes perfectly with its melting milk cream and crispy wafer center. I love the texture, flavor, and think I will re-buy if I see it in the store!

Cheddar Cheese Cello Whisps ($3.99)- Made from only one ingredient, 100% sharp cheddar cheese, these crispy, crunchy baked snacks are super delicious and full of cheesy flavor. I personally like more milder cheeses, but after trying these out, I actually really enjoy them! I think another way for me to enjoy them even more is to put them in a salad for a nice, yummy crunch! Now that sounds good!

Crown Maple ($1.00 each)- I’ve always loved the flavor of maple syrup so when I pulled these maple sugar packets out of this month’s Degusta Box, I was super excited to try them! I sprinkled a little bit on top of some oatmeal and immediately loved the flavor! I need to buy more of this stuff because it’s a more healthier alternative to regular white sugar and more rich in natural antioxidants.

Go Organically Fruit Snacks ($3.99)- I’m not that big of a fruit snack eater, and was honestly a little reluctant to try these. After tasting them, I can honestly say that I approve of them because they taste super delicious and their texture is perfect- not too chewy, not too soft. I can see these being the perfect snack for kid’s lunches because they are made from 100% USDA-Certified organic fruit and are GMO and gluten-free and have no preservatives.

Wasa Thins ($3.99)- I honestly didn’t think that I would like these rosemary and sea salt thins, but I actually pleasantly enjoyed them! They’re actually a little addicting with their flavor and big crunch. Having a very strong rosemary flavor, these super thin, crispy thins contain 9 grams of whole grains in just 70 calories per serving, making them equally delicious and nutritious.

Explore Cuisine Edamame Noodles ($4.99)- I haven’t got around to making these edamame noodles yet, but I’m honestly super excited to make them! I absolutely love the buttery flavor of edamame, so these should be so yummy!

Uncle Dougie’s No-Fry Wing Sauce ($4.99)- I also haven’t tried out this wing sauce yet, but it definitely sounds like it will be a delicious addition to add to some wings that I make for dinner one of these nights! Uncle Dougie’s Wing Sauce is supposed to let you make awesome spicy-as-you-want wings at home without the mess and added fat from frying.

Dole Fruit Bowls ($2.79)- I always have loved fruit cups but have noticed that each of them are usually come in sweetened thick sugar-water. Thankfully they made them in coconut water because it’s a much healthier alternative and makes the flavor of the fruit cups all the more delicious with its coconut-y flavor!

Final Thoughts

I really liked January’s DegustaBox because it was filled with so many delicious treats that were familiar AND ones that were new to me! I love that there are NEVER the same products in each Degustabox making it such a fun surprise each month to go through each box! All the different brands that were in this month’s box were seriously amazing and of course, delicious!! Thanks Degustabox!

Have you tried the DegustaBox? Get your first box here.



*Huge thank-you to DegustaBox for a wonderful collaboration. All opinions are 100% honest and mine.

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