My December Beauty & Hair Favorites from H20+ Beauty (Review)

Hi Beauties! Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! Today I wanted to share a few products that I picked up earlier this month that I wanted to share my thoughts about! I’m talking about some more products from H20+ Beauty. I’ve done a couple of posts about H20+ beauty products in the past because I can’t get enough of their products! So here are a few more of their products that I picked up, absolutely love and wanted to share my thoughts about!

Sea Greens Shampoo + Conditioner Duo

I know it wasn’t too long ago that I shared some hair care, but I always find myself picking up more and more hair products because I believe that it’s better to constantly switch up the products that you use on your hair! I feel like hair sort of “gets sick” of using the same exact products every time you wash it!

My newest hair care addition is this wonderful Sea Greens Shampoo + Conditioner Duo that makes hair beautifully shiny! Enriched with Sea Green extracts, Argan Oil, and Vitamins B and E, this strengthening formula helps hair stay strong while adding some glossy shine to every strand.

Shop with Kendallyn Blog, Review, H20+ Plus Sea Greens Shampoo + Conditioner Duo

After just the first use, I immediately noticed how smooth and glossy this duo made my hair and how fresh it left it smelling! I love that the shampoo deeply cleanses and removes any built-up product on the scalp, and how perfectly the conditioner puts back in the moisture leaving the hair perfectly moisturized without being weighted down.

I highly recommend this duo for all hair types because it leaves even the driest hair feeling soft, shiny, and so full of life!

$34, Get it here.

Oasis Lip Service Trio

If you’ve seen my last post about some H20+ Beauty products that I picked up a couple of months ago, you would know that I’ve already tried out the red Blush Crush Lip Gel and decided to pick up this whole trio because of how much I love the Lip Gel formula!Shop with Kendallyn Blog, Review, H20+ Plus Oasis Lip Service Trio

Infused with Sea Grass and Water Lily, each of these mesmerizing transparent lip gels gives your lips the hydration it craves while also giving them a super light tint of color. The blue Clear As Day lip gel just gives lips a transparent, glossy finish, while the Blush Crush Red and Cloud Wine gives the lips a super light pink and purple hue. Love it!

Shop with Kendallyn Blog, Review, H20+ Plus Oasis Lip Service Trio

I honestly love this trio because each lip gel gives my lips hydration, shine and a sheer, healthy tint to them. Plus, being someone who has very sensitive skin and literally ALWAYS has to have lip balm in arm’s reach at all times, this stuff is definitely one of my new go-to’s! I absolutely love my little collection of H2O+ Beauty’s lip products!

$12 each or $20 for the trio, Get it here.

Shop with Kendallyn Blog, Review, H20+ Plus Oasis Lip Service Trio, Sea Greens Shampoo + Conditioner Hair Duo

I hope you loved this post about some of my favorite H20+ Beauty products and get around to trying some out for yourself! They have such a huge selection of hair, skin, and lip products that do some serious pampering! Thanks for being amazing, H20+ Beauty!

Shop H20+ Beauty

To see the whole collection of beauty products, click here.



*Big thank-you to H20+ Beauty for a wonderful collab! All opinions are 100% honest and mine.

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