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Hey guys! With winter officially being here, I wanted to share with you guys the hair care products that I’ve stocked up on that will definitely help “weather-proof” my hair this winter with the help of Cloud10 Hair Care.

This brand that I’m talking about is amazing because their Shampoo + Conditioner is completely customizable for everyone of all hair types! So what I’m basically saying is that if you dream of shinier hair, less frizz, more volume, or more hydration, you can literally customize Cloud10 Hair Care to fit your hair needs and dreams!

I discovered Cloud10 on Instagram (shocker, I know, but that’s where I come across most brands that I love!) and had to try it out for myself!

These are the products that have been basically the “holy grail” for my hair lately:

Customizable Shampoo & Conditioner Set

Having super dull, dry hair every year when winter comes around, I always find myself wishing my hair was more shinier and healthy looking. Thankfully I simply customized this shampoo + conditioner set to my hair’s specific needs. All you have to do is answer 5 questions about your hair, choose your fragrance, decide how much lather you want, select your favorite bottle label, and even personalize the text on your label!Shop with Kendallyn, Cloud10, Cloud 10 Hair Care Products Customizable Shampoo & Conditioner Duo Set

Since using my customized shampoo + conditioner for the last two weeks, I have absolutely loved how it actually makes my usual dry, dull, color treated hair look so much more healthy! I picked the coconut scent, absolutely loving how tropical it smells and of course the luxurious lather that it makes which gives my hair that satisfying clean feeling. Absolutely love this stuff!

$24, Get your customized duo here.

The next products that I want to show you from Cloud10 aren’t necessarily customizable, but you can select the products that will best help your hair type and these are the Cloud10 products that work fantastic on my hair: Shop with Kendallyn, Cloud10, Cloud 10 Hair Care Products, Surf Spray, Leave-in Curl Conditioner, Glossing MistLeave-in Curl Conditioner

I absolutely love using this curl conditioner on days that I want to leave my hair in it’s natural state- super wavy, curly, and frizzy! It basically has a mind of it’s own!

With just a dime-sized amount evenly distrubuted through my hair, my curls look so much more hydrated, less frizzy, and leave my hair smelling so fresh! I really enjoy how this curl conditioner smells exactly like a fresh flower shop which makes my hair smell like flowers all day long! Yum!

$19, Get it here.

Surf Spray

Now I only use this surf spray occasionally when I’m in the mood for having extra curly hair that can use some texture. I love spraying the Surf Spray on my hair when it’s damp because once it dries, it looks like I just stepped off a tropical beach. Love this stuff!

$15, Get it here.

Glossing Mist

This glossing mist definitely helps keep my hair looking glossy all day long! After washing, drying, and styling my hair, I like to lightly mist on a few sprays of this stuff and it makes my hair look super glossy without looking oily, or feeling weighted down.

$26, Get it here.

I hope you liked my little post about Cloud10 Hair Care! I truly believe that everyone should at least try out Cloud10 Hair Care once in their lives! It’s not only super fun to create 100% custom hair care that fits your hair’s needs, but also it being super affordable where you don’t have to spend an arom and a leg to have great hair care! Thanks Cloud10!

Shop Cloud10 Hair Care

Start customizing your own hair care by clicking here.



*Huge thank you to Cloud10 for a fabulous collab! All opinions are 100% honest and mine.

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