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Hello lovelies! Hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far! So lately I’ve been incorporating some Malin + Goetz into my beauty routines and I’ve decided today I wanted to share with you some of my favorites that are ideal for sensitive skin!

A Little Bit About Malin + Goetz

Malin + Goetz first launched in 2004 in Chelsea, New York, as a family-owned, small neighborhood apothecary brand which focuses on the needs of women and men with sensitive skin. Matthew Malin (founder) suffers from rosacea, eczema, seborrhea, fragrance allergies, and dry skin. He and Andrew Goetz developed super easy-to-use treatments to be both gentle and effective for multiple skin conditions. The formula’s blend trusted natural ingredients with performance technologies for the face, body and hair.

I chose to share Malin + Goetz because their skin care is simple, effective, and has been such a breeze incorporating their products into my skin care routine! Here are a few of my favorite products:

Grapefruit Face Cleanser

Now I do love me a good, sudsy, deep cleanser and this Grapefruit Facial Cleanser is just that, plus so much more!

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Made with grapefruit extract and amino acids, this foaming gel cleanser’s formula gently and thoroughly purifies and hydrates to ph balance all skin types, especially sensitive. I’ve been using this in the evenings for the last month and love how effective it is at melting off my makeup and leaving my skin feeling perfectly cleansed.

It is definitely a must-have cleanser for sensitive skinned people!

$34, Get it here.

Detox Face Mask

I first received this mask not realizing how amazing it really was! Trying it out for the first time was quite the satisfying shock when I realized my face started to tingle and then quickly looked in the mirror…Shop with Kendallyn Blog, Malin + Goetz Skin Care Product Review, Detox Face Mask

I didn’t realize that this detox mask oxygenates, making it bubble and expand into a puffy, shaving cream-like foam which was fun to discover! But doing so helps deeply purify the skin and lock in moisture. It also contains vitamin C, which also helps to visibly firm and brighten.

I like to use this a couple of times a week when showering. I’ve noticed that my skin feels extra firm and happy whenever I use it.

$44, Get it here.

Vitamin E Face Face Moisturizer

Another one of my favorites is this super mild, hydrating face moisturizer because it doesn’t irritate my skin at all!

Shop with Kendallyn Blog, Malin + Goetz Skin Care Product Review, Vitamin E Face Moisturizer

Trying out new moisturizers can be a little scary for me because I always fear that it will completely mess up my skin and make “angry” acne appear. Thankfully this moisturizer lightly moisturizes sensitive skin by scientifically blending the right amount of anti-oxidant rich vitamin E with soothing, absorbent chamomile fatty acids for residue-free moisturization. No wonder it their #1 best-selling moisturizer!

$48, Get it here.

Advanced Renewal Cream

This Advanced Renewal Cream has blown me away with how it makes my skin look and feel!

Shop with Kendallyn Blog, Malin + Goetz Skin Care Product Review, Advanced Renewal Cream

Being Malin + Goetz’s latest addition to their advance skincare collection, they developed this renewal cream that helps to deeply nourish as it improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, firmness and radiance. Putting this cream to the test was a little scary as well, but my skin seems to love every drop of this stuff. I like using a pea sized amount on my face before bed, and love waking up to soft skin that feels deeply moisturized without any oily residue.

$120, Get it here.

Mojito Lip Balm

Now this may seem weird, but I am a bit of a lip balm snob. It started in high school when all of a sudden the lip balm that I’ve used every day suddenly stopped working and nothing could soothe my lips. I turned to the basic Vaseline brand and that has been my number one choice of lip balm because of how thickly it coats my lips, protecting them from the elements.

Shop with Kendallyn Blog, Malin + Goetz Skin Care Product Review, Mojito Lip Balm

Since Malin + Goetz is such a wonderful brand, I hesitantly tried this Mojito Balm but was surprisingly super happy with how moisturizing, and non-irritating this stuff is! Being super thick, thicker than my go-to Vaseline lip balm, I love how long-lasting and soothing this lip balm feels.

The balm is definitely a lip product that I use and absolutely love!

$14, Get it here.

I could seriously talk about Malin + Goetz all day long, because it truly is a wonderful brand! I would say that their product line is absolute ideal for sensitive skinned people who still want to see results. I’m so glad that I discovered them!

Shop Malin + Goetz

Find the perfect skin care for you by clicking here.

Have you heard of Malin + Goetz? Let me know in the comments which products you have or want!!



*Huge thank-you to Malin + Goetz for a wonderful collab! All opinions are 100% honest and mine. 

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