My Experience with Ellie Active Wear: December 2017

Hey lovely people! Happy December! Who else is excited for a new year? I feel like 2018 will be great year! Anyway, with a new month here, that means there is a new Ellie box! Today I wanted to share what came in this month’s box. Spoiler alert: the goodies are absolutely adorable!

First Off, What’s an Ellie Box?

The Ellie Box is the #1 selling active wear subscription box that sends you 5 items for $49.95 or a 3-piece outfit for $39.95 for your active lifestlye. Each box usually includes a 3 piece outfit and two pieces of equipment or accessories. The beauty of subscribing to get an Ellie Box each month is that you can preview all the items that you will be receiving. And if you don’t like an item? You can simply skip, and they won’t ship. And what even makes it a cooler subscription box is that some months Ellie has exclusive add-on items that you can add in your subscription box and get them for 70% off of their usual cost.

Here’s what came in my December 2017 Ellie Box:

1. Leggings

Shop with Kendallyn, Ellie Active Wear December 2017 Subscription Box, Blue Color Block Workout Leggings

These super cute color block leggings are definitely my favorite piece that came in this month’s box because the fit, fabric, and style are all absolutely perfect! I love that they are high waisted because they help smooth everything out and flatter my waist and hip area. Love, love, love these beautiful workout leggings!

2. Sports BraShop with Kendallyn, Ellie Active Wear December 2017 Subscription Box, Black Mesh Workout Tank Top SportsBra

It seems like each month the sports bras that come in each Ellie Box get cuter and cuter! This black sports bra has the cutest mesh and criss-cross details that perfectly flatter the body. The cups in this sports bra are removable which is cool because it is nice to have the option to remove them if desired.

3. Mesh Crop TopShop with Kendallyn, Ellie Active Wear December 2017 Subscription Box, Cobalt Blue Crop Top

This month’s box came with an adorable cobalt blue and black mesh cropped tank top that I absolutely adore! I like that the back is all black mesh because it lets your body breath while showing off any cute workout tank top while your exercising! To be honest, I personally would have never been brave enough to wear a crop top, but this one is the perfect length that covers up your torso and flatters your body in the best way! Thanks to Ellie, I can experience styles and cuts that I probably would never buy alone, and discover that I actually love them, just like this top!

4. Jump RopeShop with Kendallyn, Ellie Active Wear December 2017 Subscription Box Jumping Rope

Now a jump rope has been on my list of things that I’ve been wanting and I was SO excited to see that a sweet jump rope came in this month’s box!! I have super week ankles, so this will be a treat and motivation to start strengthening up those feet of mine while also getting in some good ol’ cardio! Yay!

5. Clay Heating and Cooling Pad Belt

Shop with Kendallyn, Ellie Active Wear December 2017 Subscription Box Clay Heating Pad

This month’s Ellie box was definitely meant to be, because I’ve been itching to get a heating pad as well and it happened to show up in this month’s Ellie box which has been such a blessing! Not only is this a clay heating pad, but also a cooling pad too! All you have to do is simply throw it in the microwave wrapped in a damp cloth for 30 seconds, or refrigerate for an hour to soothe sore, irritated muscles!

Here’s a Look at This Month’s Outfit:Shop with Kendallyn, Ellie Active Wear December 2017 Subscription Box

Overall Thoughts on this Month’s Box

Ellie’s December box was definitely one of my top favorites I’ve received so far!! One of my favorite colors is cobalt blue, so this outfit definitely impressed me! Ellie always knows how to keep me stylin’ and healthy! Thanks for always motivating me, Ellie!

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*Huge thank-you to Ellie for a fabulous collab. All opinions are 100% honest and mine.

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