My Experience with EUYIRA Korean Skin Care

Well hello there! Today I wanted to share a couple of skin care products that I fell in love with this last month! Being a K-beauty company, or Korean skin care, this brand makes some of the best skin care that works to find your own optimal balance for younger-looking skin,  while leaving your skin with a luminous complexion. That brand is EURYIRA.

A Little About EUYIRA

Euyira believes in all natural ingredients without harsh chemicals. They claim that each of their products will strengthen the skin while protecting it against environmental pollutants and any other irritant. Clinically tested and proven to be non-irritating, EUYIRA’s products will restore your skin’s protective barrier and improve the balance of your skin to give it a lasting healthy complexion.

After coming across Euyira’s product line on Instagram, I not only fell in love with their minimalist packaging, but also fell in love with the ingredients in each product. After doing a little research on their site, I chose the products that would work best with my skin. These are the products I chose:

Firming Facial Toner with Ultra Hydration

This beautiful bottle of toner has been one of my favorites to use this last month because after I wash my face and apply it with a cotton ball, it seems to remove any remaining traces of impurities while leaving my skin feeling completely hydrated.Shop with Kendallyn, Blog Product Review, EUYIRA Korean Skin Care Firming Facial Toner

After using this toner for the last couple of weeks, I can tell that it definitely helps balance the skin because my hormonal acne I get around my jaw line has been a lot less “angry” and seems to be going away! Thank goodness!

$28, Get it here.

Thirst Relief Hydrating Ampoule

I’ve tried out a TON of serums in the past but this one is definitely one of my top three favorites! Containing all-natural ingredients that help soothe, hydrate, and nourish, this serum is a dream to use after washing and toning the skin. Shop with Kendallyn, Blog Product Review, EUYIRA Korean Skin Care, Thirsty Relief Hydrating Ampuole

I love this serum so much because it’s oil free, helps clear acne by controlling excess oil production, soothes redness, all while deeply hydrating the skin. Also one of my favorite things besides working so well for my skin, is that it doesn’t pill when applying foundation like some serums do. I’m honestly obsessed with this serum and I hope you become obsessed too! Definitely worth every penny!

$47, Get it here.

My skin has been so happy lately thanks to EUYIRA!Shop with Kendallyn, Blog Product Review, EUYIRA Korean Skin Care, Selfie, Kendallyn on Instagram Self Portrait

Final Thoughts

After trying out EUYIRA’s Korean skin care line, I absolutely love how they feel on my skin. Made from the most gently, all-natural ingredients, I highly recommend these products for combination skin. I am so glad that I came across EUYIRA’s skin care because it is definitely making my skin feel and look amazing on the outside AND inside!


See the whole skin care collection by clicking here.



*Huge thank you to EUYIRA for a wonderful collaboration. All opinions are 100% honest and mine.

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