Organic Skin Care Favorites: Dulce Earth & LIVE Botanicals

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Hey lovely people! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! I personally, am very happy because I just got over a week and a half-long sickness and am finally FREE of a terrible sore throat! Over the week, I realized how much I take being healthy for granted! Thank goodness that is over with.

Anyways, today I wanted to share with you guys a couple of my recently discovered organic skin care brands that I’ve fallen head over heels for!

The first brand that I wanted to share with you guys is LIVE Botanical, a local company produced in Portland, Oregon- which also happens to be my home town! Aside from their stunning floral packaging, their products are some of the best, most effective organic skin care I’ve come across! Here are some of my favorite LIVE Botanical products:

Luna Glowing Mask

Made with whole herbs, botanical extracts and fruit enzymes blended with raw honey, all of the ingredients help refine the skin while providing essential moisture leaving you with a bright and glowing complexion.

Shop with Kendallyn, Organic Skin Care Favorites, LIVE Botanical Rose + Honey Glowing Cleansing Mask

Now I am one who absolutely loves a good, thick face mask, and this Rose + Honey mask is the definition of a perfect mask! With its thick honey texture, I find it super fun to smear it all over my face, yet feel pampered because I know that all of the ingredients are nourishing and good for my skin.

It seems like it almost has a warming effect on the skin which I love and love even more that it leaves my skin feeling baby soft and glowing!

$28, Get it here.

Aer Aloe + Green Tea Hyaluronic Serum

Being a gentle, oil-free serum containing Hyaluronic Acid, this serum is supposed to help with water retention resulting in a fresh and clear complexion.

Shop with Kendallyn, Organic Skin Care Favorites, LIVE Botanical Aloe + Green Tea Hyaluronic Acid Serum

I’ve been using so many different serums lately, but I have found myself using this Hyaluronic Serum the most because my skin absolutely loves it! Hyaluronic Acid is amazing because it is so gentle and helps calm my skin. I like putting a few drops on my skin immediately after washing my face, and mix it with a little moisturizer to help keep my face hydrated throughout the entire day. Love it!

$28, Get it here.

Oceana Coconut + Bergamot Body Cream

Packed with ingredients like virgin coconut oil, shea butter, and calendula, this body butter deeply nourishes the skin.

Shop with Kendallyn, Organic Skin Care Favorites, LIVE Botanical Oceana Coconut + Bergamot Body Cream

This thick, creamy body cream is absolutely dreamy! I have been having very dry skin lately because of the weather getting colder, and this stuff makes my skin feel and smell so amazing! The tropical scent of this body butter is super intoxicating with it’s coconut-y lime scent. I also like that a little bit goes a long way so that it can last the whole entire winter!

$28,, Get it here.

Yarrow Usnea Skin Repair Balm

Being an all-in-one, this balm helps all kinds of skin issues from breakouts, rashes, razor burns, sun burns, dark spots, scars, dry patches, bug bites and so much more.Shop with Kendallyn, Organic Skin Care Favorites, LIVE Botanical Yarrow + Usnea Skin Repair Balm

Again, my skin has been SO dry, but especially on my elbows and knees (like peeling and bleeding dry). I was so happy to see this cute little sample size of the Yarrow + Usnea Skin Repair Balm because I have been eyeing it! I’m glad that a sample was included because I absolutely love it and will probably purchase this in the near future! Just the tiniest amount applied to my dry skin helped moisturize and sooth this terrible dry skin on my elbows and knees. Love this stuff so much!

$24, Get it here.

The next brand of skin care that I wanted to share with you guys is Dulce Earth, a 100% organic skin care company that was created to pamper and nourish the body and soul. Made with all kinds of skin-loving ingredients, each product is made to heal, protect, and indulge the skin. These are my personal favorite Dulce Earth products:

Matcha Scrub

This super green, Matcha Scrub is packed to the brim with skin nourishing ingredients like oatmeal, matcha, and coconut oil.

Shop with Kendallyn, Organic Skin Care Favorites, Dulce Earth Matcha Scrub

The coconut oil is rich in fatty acids that helps keep the skin to retain moisture.  The matcha helps reduce redness, and the oatmeal helps gently exfoliate and soothe irritated skin. After using this a few times, it definitely helped my skin feel a lot less irritated and made my skin feel so soft without that greasy feeling.

I was also surprised because my acne prone skin didn’t freak out that there were oils in the scrub. It’s definitely a keeper!

$22, Get it here.

Botanical Elixir

This Botanical Elixir is supposed to help heal and restore skin’s texture and radiance while helping to even skin tone and smooth the skin.

Shop with Kendallyn, Organic Skin Care Favorites, Dulce Earth Botanical Elixir

This is another product that has blown me away with how soft it leaves my face. Having acne prone skin and staying clear of oils in face products over the years, I’m so glad that I ended up trying it out because it honestly hasn’t caused any acne and leaves my skin feeling amazing- all without causing any acne. I love mixing a tiny drop of this stuff with LIVE Botanical’s Hyaluronic Acid because it helps seal in moisture, leaving my skin plump all day and the perfect canvas for applying makeup!

$30, Get it here.

Orange Vanilla Lip Scrub

Who doesn’t love a good lip scrub? Especially an orange vanilla lip scrub?! So yummy!

Shop with Kendallyn, Organic Skin Care Favorites, Dulce Earth Orange Vanilla Lip Scrub

Made with organic sugar, coconut oil, and raw honey, this sweet lip scrub makes my lips so soft while gently getting rid of any dry skin. I use this almost every day and love that it leaves my lips looking so soft, plump, and moisturized! I also am a huge fan of vanilla and orange, so I just had to have this lip scrub! It smells and tastes like an orange creamsicle which makes it slightly addicting.

$12, Get it here.

Linen Spray & Air Mist Mood Spray

Now I know that this isn’t a skin care product, but it came from one of my favorite organic skin care brands, so I just had to share! Made without parabens, formaldehyde, mineral oil, or other yucky harsh chemicals, this air and linen spray is made with all natural ingredients that purify the air and leave the house smelling amazing.
Shop with Kendallyn, Organic Skin Care Favorites, Dulce Earth Linen Spray

Infused with lavender, bergamot, eucalyptus and sweet orange oils this linen spray is one of my favorites because it smells SO crisp, fresh and soothing! I also like knowing that it’s made from 100% natural, healthy ingredients which is so much better for you and your home!

$12, Get it here.

I hope you liked this pretty lengthy list of some of my favorite organic skin care! What’s your favorite organic product from this list? What’s your favorite organic skin care / beauty brand? I am always looking for recommendations!




*Huge thank you to LIVE Botanical and Dulce Earth for a wonderful collaboration. All opinions are 100% honest and mine.

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