The Beauty Behind ZENTS Skin Care Products (Review)

Hey guys! So recently I had the opportunity to try out a brand that I’ve been following on Instagram for some time now, and wanted to share my thoughts about each item with you guys! I also wanted to share this brand today because they have such a wonderful story about how they came to be and what they are all about! Today I want to talk about ZENTS.

Brief Back Story About ZENTS

ZENTS began with founder Cord Coen’s life changing car accident. Left with physical and brain injuries including chronic pain, intense migraine, and almost complete loss of the ability to smell, Cord underwent two years of rehabilitation. When his healing plateaued, doctors told him he simply wouldn’t get any better. Instead of accepting this fate, Cord took a new path – packing his bags and traveling from Boulder, Colorado all the way to India. With the support of loving parents and a caring Indian host family, he spent an entire year doing yoga, receiving massages and internal herbal treatments, and practicing pranayama and meditation for up to eight hours a day. Finally, he found what felt like a miracle… his pain subsided, his senses of smell and taste returned, and his body healed. In this place of healing the idea of ZENTS was born.

Here are the wonderful products that I received and absolutely love:

Mandrin Shampoo + Water Conditioner

Balancing Mandarin and Hydrating Water Conditioner honestly make the ideas pair for all hair types that could use some extra love, and some intoxicating fragrance!Shop with Kendallyn, ZENTS Skin care Products, Mandarin and Water Shampoo and Conditioner Duo

Having super long hair, I am definitely a lover of good shampoos & conditioners because obviously I like to try to keep my hair as healthy as possible!

I’ve found that Zents’ Mandarin + Water duo is super nice after using it for the last couple of weeks because it leaves my hair feeling so soft, hydrated, and of course smelling beautiful! While the Mandarin Shampoo contains Sea Kelp and Green Tea to help deep cleanse the hair and scalp, the Water Conditioner help nourish with ingredients like organic shea butter, carrot extract, and ginseng.  I absolutely love this stuff and recommend this duo for all hair types!

$66. Get the duo here.

Mandarin Probiotic Body Lotion

It is so important to take care of your skin! Skin needs all the hydration it can get!

Shop with Kendallyn, ZENTS Skin care Products, Age Defying Probiotic Lotion

I’ve been using Zents’ Mandarin Probiotic Lotion for a week or so, and deeply fell in love with its warm, citrus-y, delicious scent, and of course how it leaves the skin feeling. I can admit I have a whole collection of body butter, lotions and oils, but can honestly say that this lotion is definitely making a permanent addition to my collection because how nourishing it is for my dry skin!

Packed with Probiotic peptides and skin-loving ingredients like vitamin E, organic shea butter, Hyaluronic Acid, and lotus flower, there’s so much to love about the Probiotic Lotio!

$36, Get it here.

FIG Eau De Toilette PerfumeShop with Kendallyn, ZENTS Skin care Products, Fig Eau De Toilette Perfume Fragrance

FIG Eau De Toilette is made up of velvety aromas of clove bud, cinnamon, vetiver, cognac, and pimento berry. Inspired and crafted with love, each Eau de Toilette is a “liquid memory of life’s most cherished experiences. Drawing on the powerful connection between scent and memory, the scent intertwines with each dear moment in your life, capturing your journey like a memoir, becoming yours and yours alone.”, according to Zents.

I absolutely love the Fig perfume because it wears so nicely and it’s scent lasts all day long. The packaging is jsut as beautiful as the scent inside, and looks so good on my dresser! I love the real stone accents and most impotantly, the healthy ingredients that go into this delicious perfume!

$64, Get it here.

I am honestly in love with Zents’ values and that their story is about healing, health, and to never give up on dreams. Having 11 different collections of scents, I love that there the perfect “Zent” for anyone! Thanks for being an inspiration, ZENTS!


Find the perfect fragrance by clicking here.

*Huge thank-you to ZENTS for a wonderful collab. All opinions are 100% honest and mine.

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