My Experience with Ellie Active Wear: October 2017

Hey guys! Hope everyone has been enjoying the festivities that fall brings- I know that I’ve been! I went to a pumpkin patch the first day of October because I couldn’t help myself, I just love October! Anyways, I’m sure you all know that a new month means there’s a new Ellie Box, and I’m so excited to share what came in this month’s box! Spoiler: this month’s box is amazing!

First Off, What’s an Ellie Box?

The Ellie Box is the #1 selling active wear subscription box that sends you 5 items for $49.95 or a 3-piece outfit for $39.95 for your active lifestlye. Each box usually includes a 3 piece outfit and two pieces of equipment or accessories. The beauty of subscribing to get an Ellie Box each month is that you can preview all the items that you will be receiving. And if you don’t like an item? You can simply skip, and they won’t ship. And what even makes it a cooler subscription box is that some months Ellie has exclusive add-on items that you can add in your subscription box and get them for 70% off of their usual cost.

Here’s what came in my October 2017 Ellie Box:

1. LeggingsOctober Ellie Active Wear Subscription Box Review Long work out leggings, Shop with Kendallyn Blog, Lifestyle Blogger,

These leggings are seriously SO comfy and perfect for fall weather! Being ankle length, these leggings are absolutely  perfect for colder weather and for going on adventurous fall hikes! I’m obsessed with the geometric color blocked pattern and the oh-so perfect high waisted fit of these babies!

2. Workout Top

October Ellie Active Wear Subscription Box Review Long work shirt, Shop with Kendallyn Blog, Lifestyle Blogger,

This soft, light-weight workout top is the perfect thing to wear alone on a warmer fall day or underneath a light jacket when out on a run. I love that this month’s Ellie Box has a purple theme to it because purple is definitely a color I don’t wear that often, so it motivates me to step outside of my comfort zone and wear colors I normally wouldn’t! Plus, having a workout outfit this cute, definitely still motivates me to get outside and go on some fun adventures!

3. Workout Jacket

October Ellie Active Wear Subscription Box Review, long althetic jacket, Shop with Kendallyn Blog, Lifestyle Blogger,

This beautiful jacket probably has to be my favorite piece that came in this month’s box because I am a total sucker for workout jackets! I’m in love with the super slimming style, the unique zipper, and that the jacket has some length to it! It seems like most workout jackets are a little more on the “boxy” side, meaning they don’t have much shape or fit to them, so it’s nice receiving a jacket that shows off some curves. The fact that the material is extremely breathable makes me excited to wear this on my daily runs from now on!

4. Cosmetic Pouch

October Ellie Active Wear Subscription Box Review cosmetic pouch, Shop with Kendallyn Blog, Lifestyle Blogger,

One thing that I never get tired of are cosmetics pouches, which was so exciting to discover in this month’s box! This cute little gray camo bag with rose gold accents is the most perfect addition to any gym bag to help organize things like headphones, keys, lip balm, and all of the essentials that are really easy to lose! This pouch is so cute and helpful!

5. Power BarsOctober Ellie Active Wear Subscription Box Review Wolo Protein Bars, Shop with Kendallyn Blog, Lifestyle Blogger,

I’ve never heard of Wolo Bars until now, thanks to Ellie! These delicious protein bars are perfect to take with you on adventures, super tasty, and were such a treat to discover! Out of the two flavors I received which were Coco Crunch and Mint Chocolate Chip, my favorite has to be the Mint Chocolate Chip! Sooo yummy!

6. Yoga Mat Towel

October Ellie Active Wear Subscription Box Review Yoga Mat Towel, Shop with Kendallyn Blog, Lifestyle Blogger,

This super soft yoga towel is perfect for wicking away moisture which makes it ideal for core exercises, hot yoga, and any floor workouts. I’m excited to try out this mat! I only have one yoga mat, so this will be a great addition to my workout gear!

Overall Thoughts on this Month’s Box

Ellie’s October box was definitely a fantastic one! I loved ever single item and will definitely put them to use on the daily! It was filled with all kinds of goodies that motivate (and adds some serious workout fashion) to anybody’s lifestyle! Thanks for always motivating me, Ellie!

Get your October Ellie Subscription Box by clicking here!








*Huge thank-you to Ellie Active Wear for a wonderful collab! All opinions are 100% honest and mine. 

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