September 2017 Degusta Subscription Box Review

Hey guys! Is it really already mid-September? I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by! Kids are already in school, the rain is starting to kick in here in Oregon, and I can feel the cold creep in as summer slowly fades away! Well since another month has gone by, that means there was a new DegustaBox for the month of September! Yay!

What’s a DegustaBox?

The Degustabox is a monthly subscription box that brings your favorite snacks straight to your doorstep every month. The subscription costs $19.99 per month bringing you a big box of 10-15 goodies and products inside. When my Degustabox showed up to my house, I was surprised with how big and heavy the box was. When I opened it up, I found everything perfectly wrapped in brown paper. Degustabox does such a good job with wrapping the breakable glass items in bubble wrap to make sure no accidents happen upon delivery.

Taking a look inside, I found so many delicious full-sized snacks and some products that I’ve never heard of! The box came with a few pieces of paper that tell a little bit about some of the products, includes a couple of recipes, and has a list of all the items included in the subscription for the month.

Here’s what came in my September 2017 Degusta Box:

King Arthur Lemon Bar Mix ($4.95)- I haven’t made this Lemon Bar mix yet, but I am SO excited to make it as a dessert after dinner one of these nights! A few months ago, I tried out King Arthur’s Chocolate Chip Cookie mix and absolutely loved them! They tasted homemade! So I have super high hopes for this lemon-y box of goodness!

Reese Mango Medley Quinoa ($3.99)- These Mango Quinoa Medley cups are an example of what I would probably never even think to pick up at a grocery store. After trying one of these cups out, I was pleasantly surprised with how YUMMY they were, especially when refrigerated.

Natural Sins Crispy Coconut Chips ($1.99)- Being an absolute lover of anything coconut, I am obsessed with these coconut chips. Made purely with simple coconut and cane sugar, you get an absolutely addicting crunchy snack. I am definitely going to rebuy these little pouches because I am so obsessed with them!

SunRype Fruit to Go Strips ($0.50 each)- Not gonna lie, these SunRype fruit strips remind me of high school days. I would always pick these up at the store and have them with my lunch almost every day. They are honestly the perfect addition to any lunch because they are absolutely tasty and the texture of them is perfect!

Lee Kum Kee ($3.49)- I think I am going to make a nice stir-fry this week because I have been craving it lately! I was so excited when I pulled out the Lee Kum Kee’s Korean BBQ Stir-fry Sauce! I will definitely mix it with some chicken, rice and veggies! Such an easy dinner!

Wild Planet Wild Albacore Tuna ($4.99)- I usually don’t like canned tuna, but I am probably going to have a go at cooking a tuna casserole one of these nights and try to change mine and my husband’s attitude on the canned fish. Besides the fact that I haven’t used the can of tuna yet, it’s always nice to have some canned goods to add to your food storage! That’s one of the many things that I absolutely love about the Degusta Box!

Post Shredded Wheat Frosted Mixed Berry Cereal ($3.49)- Now I was so excited when I pulled this box of shredded wheat out of the Degusta Box! We rarely ever buy cereal, so this was a good treat! I grew up eating this kind of cereal so I am crazy about shredded wheat, while my husband can’t stand it; so more for me, I guess!

Angelic Bakehouse Bread Crisps ($4.00)- Now these Bread Crisps were definitely something that I really need to give a couple more chances to like. When I first tasted them, I wasn’t very impressed. I feel like I need to try them with a dip of some sort to like them. Any recommendations on a yummy dip that would be good with these?

Mutti Tomato Puree Passata ($4.49)- Now I’ve been saving this Tomato Puree to make a nice hearty spaghetti dinner one of these cold, rainy days that are slowly making their way here! I love a good warm, comfort-food style dinner when the weather starts getting cooler. Can’t wait to put this delicious-looking stuff to good use!

Goya Rice Pilaf ($1.99)- I absolutely love a quick and easy rice pilaf! It easily makes such a great side dish to all kinds of main dishes. I can see myself making a nice baked chicken on top of a nice heap of Goya’s Rice Pilaf one of these nights. Can’t wait!

Final Thoughts

I really liked September’s DegustaBox because I feel that is was focused more on dinners this month as opposed to snacks and candy like the last few months. As I was pulling all the wonderful products out of this month’s box, I kept thinking about all the different dinners I can make with each of these products. I am so impressed with this month’s DegustaBox because it’s different every month and inspires all kinds of dinner ideas for the family!

Have you tried the DegustaBox? Get your first box here.



*Huge thank you to DegustaBox for a fun collaboration! All opinion’s are 100% honest and mine.

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