August 2017 Degusta Subscritpion Box Review

Hello lovely people! I can’t believe that summer is already almost drawing to an end! With the month of August being here, that means people are just starting school or preparing to start school very soon! Also with August being here means there is another DegustaBox! If you have kids, here is a fun subscription box that can easily be a hit with discovering new (and well-known) snacks!

What’s a DegustaBox?

The Degustabox is a monthly subscription box that brings your favorite snacks straight to your doorstep every month. The subscription costs $19.99 per month bringing you a big box of 10-15 goodies and products inside. When my Degustabox showed up to my house, I was surprised with how big and heavy the box was. When I opened it up, I found everything perfectly wrapped in brown paper. Degustabox does such a good job with wrapping the breakable glass items in bubble wrap to make sure no accidents happen upon delivery.August DegustaBox Subscroption Box review Shop with Kendallyn

Taking a look inside, I found so many delicious full-sized snacks and some products that I’ve never heard of! The box came with a few pieces of paper that tell a little bit about some of the products and has a list of all the items included in the subscription for the month.

August DegustaBox Subscroption Box review Shop with Kendallyn

Here’s what came in my August 2017 Degusta Box:

August DegustaBox Subscroption Box review Shop with Kendallyn Nature's bakery fig bar

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars, ($3.99 for box of 6)- Now if you are a fan of those Fig Newton bars, you will love these delicious Non-GMO, Vegan, and all-around healthier Fig Bars. I absolutely loved the taste of the apple cinnamon fig bar and feel like these are perfect snacks for on-the-go people!

August DegustaBox Subscroption Box review Shop with Kendallyn welch's fruit rolls

Welch’s Fruit Rolls ($2.99)- Made with real fruit as their first ingredient and packed with vitamin C, these are perfect for packing in lunches for kids of all ages. I’m not that much of a fan of fruit rolls, so I will definitely pass them on to some of the kids in my family. I do love the Welch’s brand though and definitely love to buy their White Grape juice! Yum!

August DegustaBox Subscroption Box review Shop with Kendallyn SunDrops milk chocolate

SunSpire Chocolate Candies ($7.69)- These chocolate candies were probably one of my top favorite things from this month’s DegustaBox because, hello, this is chocolate we are talking about. Being a complete choco-holic, I couldn’t taste the difference between these chocolate candies and regular M&M’s. The Sunspire chocolate candies are even better than the name brand stuff anyways because they have no artificial colors flavors or even preservatives. They are so, so good!

August DegustaBox Subscroption Box review Shop with Kendallyn dole gel peaches in strawberry gel

Dole Peaches in Strawberry Gel ($2.79)- I occasionally like to eat jello, plus love peaches, so this 4-pack of Dole was a super fun treat to receive in this month’s box. As soon as I discovered them, I threw them in the fridge because all jello is better when it’s refrigerated. Yum!

August DegustaBox Subscroption Box review Shop with Kendallyn goya golden Maria sandwich cookies

Goya Cream Filled Cookies ($0.89)- Now I’m pretty familiar now with the brand Goya, but I’ve never heard of these cream filled cookies until I received them in the DegustaBox. Trying them out at first I was a little hesitant, but after taking one bite of these cookies, I absolutely loved them! Let’s just say they were gone within the first couple of hours in my household.

August DegustaBox Subscroption Box review Shop with Kendallyn sharwood's korma creamy coconut cooking sauce

Sharwood’s Coconut Cooking Sauce ($3.99)- I honestly haven’t tried this yet, but I am SO excited to cook with this sauce! Being a fan of coconut flavor, I think this will be a hit! I will probably mix the sauce into a stir fry of veggies, chicken, and maybe some rice noodles to add some texture and bulk. I will probably cook this for dinner this week!

August DegustaBox Subscroption Box review Shop with Kendallyn pasta chips rosemary

Rosemary Pasta Snacks ($3.99)- I am not one who goes out of the way to snack on crackers, but boy, were these delicious. As soon as I tasted them, I immediately imagined how perfect these would be on a snack table at a fancy wedding or event because they taste classy! The rosemary flavor of these pasta chips was so yummy and were so good dipped in the hummus I received in this month’s box.

August DegustaBox Subscroption Box review Shop with Kendallyn pasta bow ties meatball parm

Bow-Tie Meatball Parm Pasta Snacks ($3.99)- These were surprisingly another one of my top favorite products from this month’s DegustaBox. Again, I usually don’t like chips or crackers, but these bow-tie shaped Meatball Parm flavored puff snacks were so addicting. These also didn’t last too long in my household. I definitely will re-buy if I see these in the store.August DegustaBox Subscroption Box review Shop with Kendallyn perky jerky tasty teriyaki

Perky Jerky ($2.99)- I can honestly say that the Tasty Teriyaki was my favorite product that was in this month’s box! Carefully hand crafted and marinated for tenderness, Perky Jerky is bursting with so much flavor. I’m also picky when it comes to super stiff, flavorless jerky, but this stuff is the absolute opposite. I am definitely going to re-buy the next time I take a trip to the grocery store.

August DegustaBox Subscroption Box review Shop with Kendallyn tostoones chips

Goya Tostones Chips ($1.29)- When I first opened these, I was a little confused. Briefly glancing at the package, I popped one of these chips in my mouth thinking they were going to be sweet banana chips. Quickly discovering that they were salty, I took a look at the bag and realized they were plantains. Never trying platains before, I fell in love with the salty, nutty flavor. They are probably a lot better to snack on than potato chips!August DegustaBox Subscroption Box review Shop with Kendallyn hummustir Mediterranean style

Hummustir Organic Hummus ($3.99)- I’m a hummus lover and this Hummustir was super good! The cool thing about this hummus is that all you have to do is stir the ingredients together, and then it is ready to be eaten! Then it can be refrigerated to save for later. I really enjoyed this hummus and think I will buy again!

Final Thoughts

The August DegustaBox has to be my absolutely favorite box I’ve received so far! The box was filled to the brim with all kinds of brands I’ve never heard of and some of my well-known favorites! It even included chocolate, which is a huge plus for me! I love the Degustabox because it always comes with amazing products that can be shared with the whole family!

Have you tried the DegustaBox? Get your first box here.



*The August Degusta Box was sent to review. All opinions are 100% honest and mine.

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