The Best Sunless Tanners for Fair Skin: Skinny Tan

Being someone who absolutely loves being in the sun, I know the consequences of loving it a little too much, especially when not taking precautions: Wrinkles, leathery skin, sun spots, and even potential skin cancer- NO THANK YOU! That being said, I always find myself slathering on sunscreen so I never burn or even tan!

Since I don’t usually like looking like a snowman in the middle of summer, I still like to have a bronzed glow with the help of sunless tanners. Today I wanted to share some of my favorite products that I’ve been obsessed with that easily help me achieve that **natural** sun-kissed glow- without the sun! That is the SkinnyTan collection.

Skinny Tan is a popular company from Australia that has just made its way to the United States.  It has an amazing selection of products like tanning mousse, a 7-day tanner, and gradual tanner along with products that help prep the skin before applying the tanning products. All of the tanning products contain Guarana, a natural tanning ingredient that helps cover cellulite and produce a gorgeous bronzed tan that lasts.

Here are my favorite Skinny Tan products that I absolutely love:

7-Day Tannershop with kendallyn fair skin sunless tanners Skinny Tan 7-Day Tanner sunless tanner

Use: ”The 7-Day Tanner is Skinny Tan’s best seller: a moisture-rich creme that easily glides onto skin, leaving it dewy and luscious for days after application. Provides a subtle bronze, guaranteed to complement every skin tone and leave you feeling fabulous.” -Skinny Tan

My Thoughts: I like using this 7 day tanner because it is so low maintenance! After I shower and exfoliate, I like to slather on some of this moisturizing tanner, and it immediately gives my fair skin the perfect glow for days! This 7-day tanner is perfect for applying right before vacations because it stays on for 5-7 days easily without looking splotchy or orange. Love this stuff!

$39.99, Get it here.

Body Mousse in Medium

shop with kendallyn fair skin sunless tanners Skinny Tan body mousse

Use: ”Skinny Tan Tanning Mousse is a whipped, coconut-scented tanning foam, guaranteed to deliver your best tan in a single coat, which will fade realistically over time. Touch-dry in seconds, your tan can last up to 14 days! Suitable for face and body, Skinny Tan Mousse features Aloe Vera to moisturize the skin. Applies easily and evenly.” -Skinny Tan

Thoughts: First off, I absolutely love the scent of this mousse! Being someone with very fair skin, I was surprised with how good the tanning mousse looked on my skin. Other sunless tanning mousses I’ve used in the past have left me looking streaky and orange (thinking back to my high school cheerleading days, haha) which is never a good look! Thankfully Skinny Tan’s mousse has a natural finish, isn’t streaky, and doesn’t leave me smelling weird like some sunless tanners I’ve tried in the past.

$39.99, Get it here.

Gradual Tanner

shop with kendallyn fair skin sunless tanners Skinny Tan gradual tanner

Use: “A beautiful, white body-butter cream with lower levels of Skinny Tan tanning agents. Layer it on each day until you reach the perfect depth of tan. The gradual tanning process looks natural and you control the final color.” -Skinny Tan

Thoughts: The Gradual Tanner has to be my absolute favorite product from Skinny Tan because you can basically customize and control how tan you want to be. In the photo below, I show just how tan I like to be. The photo on the left is how pale I am naturally, and on the right is right after I applied two layers of gradual tanner.

shop with kendallyn fair skin sunless tanners Skinny Tan gradual tanner before and after

I absolutely love the gradual tanner because it glides on effortlessly, absorbs super quick into the skin, and doesn’t turn my knees and elbows bright orange. Plus, I like that if I want to look a little darker, I simply apply a thin layer to my whole body, and then a few hours later- a perfectly deeper tan. No sun necessary!

$29.95, Get it here.

After Glow

shop with kendallyn fair skin sunless tanners Skinny Tan after glow lotion

Use: “Being 99.6% natural, After Glow Gloss not only prolongs the life of your tan, but you can use it with no tan – for subtle, soft skin that actually reflects light! Made with Sunflower Seed, Macadamia, Castor Seed and Coconut Oils, the After Glow helps you shimmer through a special night out.” -Skinny Tan

Thoughts: Now I absolutely LOVE the After Glow Gloss. Just a super tiny amount of it covers your whole body, leaving the skin looking shiny and supple. I love slathering it on my legs if I’m wearing shorts or a dress because it makes the legs so smooth and glossy!

$19.95, Get it here.

What’s your favorite Skinny Tan product? Let me know in the comments below!



*Huge thank-you to Skinny Tan for a wonderful collab! All opinions are 100% honest and mine.

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