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Hey guys! Being the skin care junkie that I am, I thought I would share some skin care that I’ve had the opportunity to try out and share my thoughts about. Recently I had  the opportunity to work with NIP+FAB and got to try out two products from a couple of their skin care collections. Being an extremely affordable brand usually sold at Ulta and CVS, I thought I would give the products a try, and share my honest thoughts about them with you guys! Enjoy!

Glycolic Cleansing Fix, $7.95

nip + fab skin care review shop with kendallyn glycolic cleansing fix

Use: Containing Glycolic Acid and Olive oil, this super concentrated cleanser gets rid of any grime and makeup, retextures the skin covering up any fine lines, all while giving the skin a nice replenishing boost.


This Glycolic cleanser is probably one of my top favorite affordable products I’ve tried out this year because of how good it cleans my skin. Just a little drop of this goes SUCH a long way. With just one tiny drop, the cleanser foams into a bubbly lather that smells just like fragrant grapefruit. After using if for the past couple months, I have had basically the best skin of my life because it deep cleans and helps keep blemishes away.

Glycolic Instant Fix Face Mask, $12.95

nip + fab skin care review shop with kendallyn glycolic instant fix mask

Use: This clear glycolic mask is the most potent out of all the Glycolic Fix products. Made with 5% Glycolic acid, amino acid, glycerin, and Evermat™ this mask is designed to tighten pores, gently smooth away the appearance of lines and wrinkles whilst reducing the look of enlarged pores.


Using this quite a few times over the last couple of weeks, I have grown to love this mask. I simply swipe a very thin layer onto my skin, leave it on for 7-10 minutes, then wash off with the help of a wash cloth. Every time I take the mask off, I can definitely feel that my pores are tightened. I’ve also noticed that even though the mask contains a lot of glycolic acid, my sensitive skin hasn’t had any negative reactions. Although my skin isn’t bothered by so much acidity, I would recommend doing a patch test before the first time trying it out.

Viper Venom Fix Blurring Shot, $24.95nip + fab skin care review shop with kendallyn viper venom fix blurring shot

Use: This highly potent blurring gel expertly hides pores and smooths out lines, creating the appearance of a retouched finish. Just two drops help achieve flawless, silky-smooth skin.


Every morning I mix a couple drops of this blurring shot with my daily facial moisturizer and massage it into my skin before applying makeup. Having a super light, gel-like texture, I’ve found that it mixes well with any moisturizer and absorbs super quickly into the skin and makes my skin feel like the perfect canvas for when I apply makeup.

Viper Venom Micro Blur, $19.95

nip + fab skin care review shop with kendallyn viper venom micro blur fix

Use: The Micro Blur Fix works to prime, blur and mattify the skin, for an instant flawless complexion so you’re always selfie ready. This innovative priming serum contains a concentrated blend of high-tech ingredients to reduce the appearance of pores, diminish signs of oil on the skin and give an instant blurring effect for matte, selfie ready skin. The addition of wonder ingredient  SYN®-AKE also works to instantly freeze lines for a smooth finish.


One thing that I like most about this blurring face serum/primer is that it doesn’t feel heavy, yet fills every pore leaving my face super smooth. When using the Blur Fix for the first time, I was a little skeptical at first because most primers don’t seem to do anything for my skin. But after applying makeup over top of it, I was blown away with how amazing it looks and works under makeup. It seems like it does a great job of covering the pores on my nose and cheeks leaving my makeup looking virtually flawless. The Viper Venom Micro Blur Fix is definitely my favorite product I’ve tried from NIP+FAB.nip + fab skin care review shop with kendallyn

I’ve had such a wonderful time these last couple of months trying out these products from NIP+FAB. Being super affordable, these skin care products work just as amazing as any high product. I highly suggesting trying out NIP+FAB products because they have everything from skin care to body care and makeup.


Discover NIP+FAB’s skin care, makeup and body care by clicking here.



*Big thank you to NIP+FAB and Collectively  for a wonderful collab! All opinions are 100% honest and mine.

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