July 2017 Degusta Subscription Box Review

june degusta box shop with kendallyn

Hey everyone! If you’ve been keeping up with me for the last month, you would know that I have started the Degustabox subscription which has been SO worth it so far! There’s simply something so exciting about subscription boxes that are so much fun to try out each month! Today I wanted to share with you guys exactly what came in this month’s July 2017 Degusta Subscription Box! Happy snacking!

What’s a DegustaBox?

The Degustabox is a monthly subscription box that brings your favorite snacks straight to your doorstep every month. The subscription costs $19.99 per month bringing you a big box of 10-15 goodies and products inside. When my Degustabox showed up to my house, I was surprised with how big and heavy the box was. When I opened it up, I found everything perfectly wrapped in brown paper. Degustabox does such a good job with wrapping the breakable glass items in bubble wrap to make sure no accidents happen upon delivery.

june degusta box shop with kendallyn

Taking a look inside, I found so many delicious full-sized snacks and some products that I’ve never heard of! The box came with a few pieces of paper that tell a little bit about some of the products and has a list of all the items included in the subscription for the month.

june degusta box shop with kendallyn

Here’s what came in my July 2017 Degusta Box:

june degusta box shop with kendallyn

Karma Acai Pomegranate Wellness Water ($1.99)- Now I have never heard of this kind of wellness water and was really curious as to how it worked. With one push of a button on top of the bottle, a powdered mixture of 7 essential vitamins fell into the spring water. Once it was all mixed  together with a few good shakes, the water turned blue and was ready to drink! When I first tried it, I was pleasantly surprised with the light, slightly sweetened flavor.

june degusta box shop with kendallyn

Vermont Smoke & Cure Pepper Beef and Pork Sticks ($1.99 each)- Crafted from whole cuts of beef and pork, these sticks are packed with natural spices and are bursting with healthy flavor. I like these beef and pork sticks because they taste super yummy and are the perfect on-the-go snack!

june degusta box shop with kendallyn

KALA Tropical Curry Beans ($3.99)- Being a big fan of curry, I couldn’t wait to try these Kala beans out! Having a very crunchy, spicy, and distinct curry flavor, these definitely were a hit with me! My favorite things about these beans are that they contain protein and fiber, making it an easy snack you can feel great about eating!june degusta box shop with kendallyn

King Arthur Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix ($4.99)- It’s not just because this product is the featured product of the month in this month’s Degustabox, but this mix produced the most delicious cookies I’ve had in a long time! Made with real ingredients like premium chocolate chips, real brown sugar and no artificial ingredients, this cookie mix is made with the good stuff leaving you with perfect, delicious chocolate chip cookies.

june degusta box shop with kendallyn

Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($3.99)- Being the winner of a few awards for having excellent quality and taste, this olive oil is is derived from the first pressing of the finest Spanish olives leaving it with an intense olive flavor. Being a huge lover of olive oil and literally just running out, I was so happy to see this included in the June Degustabox! Can’t wait to use it for cooking! june degusta box shop with kendallyn

Mutti Tomato Sauce ($2.29)- Now I haven’t dug into this creamy, Mediterranean-style tomato sauce yet, but I will definitely have to try out a hearty spaghetti using this stuff! I love receiving cans of food in the Degustabox because it brings things you would have never probably tried! It also is a bonus receiving canned food to add to your food storage!

june degusta box shop with kendallyn

Wise Cinnabon & Sea Salt Popcorn ($0.75 each)- Not being the biggest popcorn lover, these were probably my least favorite items from the subscription box. But to each their own! I passed these on to my friend who absolutely loved them! Each bag is only 70 or 80 calories!

june degusta box shop with kendallyn

Mrs. Thinster’s Brownie Batter Cookies ($2.99)- These delicious “brownie batter” cookies probably have to be my second favorite treat that came in this month’s box. The thin, crunchy cookies actually taste just like brownie batter. Free of preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors, these cookies are made with simple, all-natural ingredients. They are sooo yummy!june degusta box shop with kendallyn

Buttery Vanilla Waffle Waffle ($1.79)- This decadent waffle was also one of my top favorites this month as well. Having a delicious buttery, vanilla flavor, sprinkled with real pearl sugar, this waffle doesn’t need syrup at all!

Final Thoughts

I absolutely loved the huge variety of snacks that came in July’s Degustabox! It was fun trying out some snacks that I’ve never heard of! Thanks to the Degustabox, I have found brands that I never knew of, but now will go back to the store and definitely re-buy!

Have you tried the Degusta Box? Get your first box here.



*July Degusta Box was sent to review. All opinions are 100% honest and mine.

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