July Beauty Favorites: Brooklyn Botany Camellia Wonder Oil (Review)

If you know me, you’d know that I love discovering new or lesser-known brands and products from all over the world. There’s something even more special about discovering lovely products that are made here in the USA, specifically from Brooklyn, New York. Being all the way across the United States from my Oregonian self, I came across Brooklyn Botany on Instagram and had to try at least one of their products out!

Being drawn in by Brooklyn Botany’s clean, beautiful, minimalist packaging and all-natural ingredients, I fell in love with the super versatile Camellia Wonder Oil, $14.50 and couldn’t wait to try it out. When it arrived in the mail, I was so happy to see that it didn’t leak and that it was securely sealed and packaged.

Benefits of the Camellia Wonder Oil

Supposedly being a super versatile oil, the beautiful, lightly scented Camellia Wonder oil is supposed to be great for removing stubborn eye make up, gentle enough to be used as an everyday facial cleanser, reduce appearance of scars and stretch marks, moisturize the whole body, and can be used as a massage oil.

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Of course I tried a couple of different ways that Camellia Oil can be used and found my absolute favorite use. I first tried to remove my eye make up and it worked wonderfully. It didn’t feel like it was too heavy for delicate facial skin, and surprisingly didn’t leave any pimples on my acne-prone face, or leave a blurry film in my eyes that some facial oils have done in the past. That use of the Camellia Oil isn’t my absolute favorite way to use it, to be honest, but is perfect for those of you that do use oil on the face. Using the oil as a body moisturizer is, however, is my go-to!

Lately my legs have been super dry and itchy, and as soon as I put a tiny pump of the almost watery, light Camellia Oil on my legs, they felt so silky smooth and shiny without the feeling of greasiness. I love that the oil quickly absorbs into my skin while leaving it perfectly moisturized and smooth for the whole entire day. I’ve been using the Camellia Oil on my body for the last two weeks, and have had nothing but baby soft skin on these warm summer days!

Discover Brooklyn Botany

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*Huge thank you to Brooklyn Botany PR for a fun collab! All opinions are 100% honest and mine. 

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