How to Keep Color Treated Hair Bright and Vibrant This Summer

With the warmer seasons finally here, I’ve noticed a lot of people like to lighten their hair to basically look like majestic beachy mermaid babes…Including myself. If you are following me on Instagram, you would see that my hair is the lightest it’s ever been. Having naturally brown hair, I decided to go for a honey-blonde balayage look in February. Since then, I’ve kind of ran into the problem of trying to keep my hair color from turning super brassy. If you’ve ever lightened your hair, you probably know what I mean. Thankfully, I got the opportunity to try out some products that help take away brassiness, so lets take a look at how I’ve managed to keep my color-treated hair bright and vibrant!

For the last couple of weeks, I got the opportunity to try out the Color Correcting hair care collection from RG Cosmetics that claims to get rid of any brassiness while maintaining hair health and shine. Yay! I received the Silver Shampoo and the CC Silver Mask to put to the test on my super brassy hair. Let’s take a look at how the products worked!shop with kendallyn top blogger blog RG Cosmetics CC Color Correcting Collection product review

CC Silver Shampoo

The first product that I tried from the RG’s CC (Color Correcting) Collection is the Silver CC Shampoo. Being super sudsy and pigmented, it was fun to run the shampoo through my hair and see all the blue bubbles run down the drain. I left the shampoo on for about two minutes and rinsed my hair clean. Here are all the things that the Silver Shampoo is supposed to help with:

  • Corrects and revives hair color to maintain true-to-tone shades.
  • Counteracts brassy tones in blonde, gray and silver hair without causing dryness.
  • Deposits small amounts of pigment with each application to maintain color’s vibrancy and brightness.
  • Ammonia-free formulas protect the integrity of the hair.
  • Nurturing ingredients like shea butter and sweet almond oil pamper over-processed hair and increase softness, smoothness and shine.

CC Silver Mask

The second product that’s suppose to help keep brassiness at bay is the super pigmented CC Silver Mask. This stuff has a super purple/blue tint to it that is supposed to help lift the toner and color correct any yellowing or brassiness. When I say its super purple/blue, I mean it is really pigmented. Kinda looks like finger paint! It has the same exact benefits as the shampoo, but it gives the hair a nice moisturizing treatment while helping to color with kendallyn top blogger blog RG Cosmetics CC Color Correcting Collection product review silver cc mask

Applying it to my towel dried hair for the first time, I applied a generous amount from root to tip. The only thing about this super pigmented hair mask is that it is super messy, especially with super long hair! So beware! The mask can be left on the hair for up to 15 minutes depending on how bad the brassiness is. I usually leave the mask on for 10-12 minutes.

Results and Final Thoughtsshop with kendallyn top blogger blog RG Cosmetics CC Color Correcting Collection product review

After using the Silver Shampoo and Mask, I definitely didn’t have as much brassiness! My sister-in-law even noticed the first time I used the Silver CC Collection and asked me if I got my hair done. This CC Collection is definitely a lifesaver for blondes! It takes the brassiness right out and puts in the perfect tone of blonde, all while giving hair much needed hydration. I highly recommend trying out RG Cosmetics CC collection because it makes maintaining blonde hair a breeze without having to keep taking expensive trips to the hair salon!

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*Huge thank-you to RG Cosmetics for a fun collab! All opinions are 100% honest and mine.

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