My Experience With The Ellie Active Wear Subscription Box

Hello everyone! With Summer just about here, I’ve been trying to pick up the pace and try to get into better shape. It’s been honestly quite challenging at times, but something came into my life recently that has been helping me keep up my motivation to continue to keep moving- and that is the Ellie Box! After getting the wonderful opportunity to try out the subscription boxes, I wanted to share my thoughts and experience with you guys! Enjoy!

First off, What’s an Ellie Box?

The Ellie Box is the #1 selling active wear subscription box that sends you 5 items for your active lifestyle every month for $49.95. Each box usually includes a 3 piece outfit and two pieces of equipment or accessories. The beauty of subscribing to get an Ellie Box each month is that you can preview all the items that you will be receiving. And if you don’t like an item? You can simply skip, and they won’t ship. And what even makes it a cooler subscription box is that some months Ellie has exclusive add-on items that you can add in your subscription box and get them for 70% off of their usual cost.

Here’s the 5 Things Inside my June Ellie Box:

ellie activewear subscription box shop with kendallyn

1. Leggings

ellie activewear subscription box shop with kendallyn

These cute multi-colored blue leggings have the cutest mesh cutouts that flatter and allow my legs to breath. I love the cool design and fit of these babies! Since they are high waisted, they smooth out my hips and don’t sag down.

2. Workout Tank

ellie activewear subscription box shop with kendallyn

This light and airy black workout tank is the perfect fit, has the cutest detailing mesh on the sides, and zig zag design on the back that makes a statement.

3. Sports Bra

ellie activewear subscription box shop with kendallyn

Now I’m in love with this pretty navy blue sports bra because it’s padded, and has the perfect amount of support while being extremely cute with all of the¬†straps on the back.

4. Hat

ellie activewear subscription box shop with kendallyn

Now I’m not usually a hat-wearer, but this hat is pretty cute! It’s perfect to wear on a sunny day because it’s made out of super lightweight mesh so it doesn’t make you sweat while running as it keeps the sun from out of your eyes. It’s also made out of reflective material making you more visible on evening runs.

5. Running Waist Band

ellie activewear subscription box shop with kendallyn

Now the Running Waist Band is my favorite accessory I received in my Ellie Box because it is SO useful to store your keys and phone in when you go to exercise. I have a huge phone, so this helps keep it secure and protected from potentially falling out of a pocket, or getting drenched with sweat with its waterproof, double zippered design.

ellie activewear subscription box shop with kendallyn

After opening my June Ellie Box, I instantly fell in love with every item included in my box and immediately wanted to start my work out with all of my new gear! All of the gear fit me perfectly and I was surprised with the quality of the fabrics and accessories. What a fun and exciting way to stay motivated every month when you get brand new active wear and some gear every month?! I absolutely love the idea of what Ellie is all about and highly recommend trying the subscription service. Thanks Ellie!

Get your first Subscription box by clicking here. 




*Huge thank-you to Ellie for a fun collab! All opinions are 100% honest and mine.


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