Is it Worth it? Kera Botanica All-Natural Hair Perfume Review

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Being a lover of hair care, It’s basically a ritual to try out all kinds of new hair products. Today I thought I would try out a hair perfume by Kerabotanica and give an honest review of it.

A Quick Overview

Kerabotanica’s goal was to do the impossible: create the most advanced, all-natural hair perfume that will not dry out the hair, but hydrate, add shine, strengthen, and condition it. That meant reimagining every ingredient combination to make a light, vegan, non-cruelty concoction that is more than just hair perfume.  Formulated with no paraben, harsh sulfates, petrochemicals, silicone, GMO or phthalates, Kerabotanica is on the right track to bringing healthy products to the hair with kendallyn blog kerabotanica hair perfume all natural hair mist uv protection

Out of the 7 different hair fragrances available, I got the opportunity to try out the Shore To Please Beach Girl 4.oz Hair Mist. This hair mist is different from the rest because it has UV protection, meaning it’s suppose to prevent color treated hair to fade in long exposure to UV rays. Infused with the essence of Wintergreen leaf, Sweet Cinnamon, and rich Bamboo, the Shore To Please Beach Girl is supposed to renew, revive, and bring out the hair’s natural brilliance.

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My First Impressions

The first time trying out the hair perfume, I was honestly super impressed. I just finished straightening my hair and misted on a couple of sprays, finding myself completely in love with the delicious scent. I noticed that it left my hair with a shiny finish, without looking greasy at all.

Final Thoughts

I’m honestly in love with this hair perfume because it leaves my hair looking more healthy, shiny, and smelling great all day long. The hair mist smells JUST like a sweet Piña Colada, surprisingly, even though it’s infused with Wintergreen Leaf, Sweet Cinnamon, and Bamboo! So interesting! The fact that the mist also provides UV hair protection is wonderful in my opinion, being someone who has color treated hair. I can’t wait to use this all summer long, and if I run out, I would definitely re-purchase! Being only $22 makes it totally worth every penny!

Have you tried out Kera Botanica’s Hair Mist? Which one? Let me know in the comments!


*Big thank-you to KeraBotancia for a fun collab. All opinions are 100% honest and mine.

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