The Best Skin Care for Glowing Skin this Spring

Hey guys! I hope you’ve been having a wonderful spring so far! Honestly, spring here in Oregon hasn’t been the sunniest so far. Luckily though, over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been so happy with the weather because it’s been slowly getting sunnier- which is making me crave summer! Anyway, with the sunny days making their way here, today I wanted to share a few skin care products that I have discovered that help skin to glow!

Today I specifically wanted to share some products that I use when my skin looks a little dry and in need of some gentle exfoliation and serious hydration. So here are some of my favorite products that have helped me achieve a beautiful spring time glow these last couple of weeks. Enjoy!

TULA Overnight Skin Rescue Treatment

Shop with Kendallyn TULA skin care Multi-Spectrum Overnight Skin Repair Treatment

Honestly, I was a little hesitant to try out this treatment at first because I was worried it was just for “mature” skin and would make my skin break out. Once seeing that it’s for all skin types and all ages, of course I had to try it out! This dreamy overnight treatment is honestly one of my new top favorite skin care products! Using this for the last week, my skin has been so hydrated and feeling oh, so soft! I love it because it’s packed to the brim with all kinds of powerful multi-strain probiotics that nourish, reduce pore size, and increase elasticity. I simply apply a thin layer to my skin before bed, and by the time I wake up, my skin feels super dewy and hydrated without the grease or heaviness.

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C.O. Bigelow Honey Almond Scrub

Shop with Kendallyn C.O. Bigelow Honey Almond Scrub Apothecary Skin Care

This deliciously scented facial scrub is perfect for those who need a little exfoliation and moisture. Just a tiny amount of the creamy scrub mixed with a little water makes it possible to gently buff off those dead skin cells with pure crushed almond grains. I like this scrub because although it may be creamy, it doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy or left with a layer of residue once rinsed off. I’ve been using this scrub a couple of times per week and it’s really made a difference in my skin. And one of the best things about it is that it doesn’t make my skin break out! Love it!

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What are your favorite skin care products? Let me know in the comments!



*Huge thank you to TULA, C.O Bigelow, and Tractenburg & Co. for a fun collab. All opinions are 100% honest and mine.

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