Sugarfina: The Luxury Candy Boutique

Okay guys, so I came across the coolest candy store when I was window shopping at the Ala Moana Center on vacation in Oahu, Hawaii. That is Sugarfina. Not planning on buying anything at the mall that day, my mind completely changed when I first walked into the beautiful, modern store displaying the most unique luxury candies in futuristic plastic cubes imported from all around the world. Being a sucker for dainty, interesting, little things, I couldn’t help but drag my fiance (now husband) into the store whether he liked it or not. Once being dragged inside against his will, he immediately grew just as fascinated once he noticed all of the different types of candy on display. Sugarfina is definitely a sweet-tooth’s dream come true. And the cool thing about it is it’s aimed more toward adults which is pretty cool.

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Being a total sweet-tooth myself, I wanted to share with you what I got from Sugarfina. Here’s my mini haul:

Bella Rosa Taster Packet, $2.50

Imported from Italy, these super darling rose-shaped candies are made with real rose water. Being super curious about how they tasted and seeing that they were only $2.50 for a sampler pack, I knew I had to have them!

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They were far too cute and interesting to pass up! Upon trying them, I found that they were actually super delicious with a sweet, rose-y taste! Also, an interesting thing about these little beauties is that they were first introduced in the 1800’s are still made with the original candy machine. Vintage- I like!

shop with kendallyn sugarfina luxury candies

24 K Gold Aqua Rock Swizzle Stick, $8.50

This stunning rock candy stick was also way too interesting to pass up. Dipped in edible 24k gold, this lollipop

shop with kendallyn sugarfina luxury candies

is definitely one of the most chic, sweet treats I’ve ever seen. Aside from how extremely beautiful and unique this rock candy stick was, I was surprised with how yummy is was! It had a super light berry, cotton candy flavor. Yum!

shop with kendallyn sugarfina luxury candies

Kyoto Blossoms, $10

These delicate, sugar blossoms are magical. Imported from Japan, these sweet, chic sugar blossoms were first introduced in Japan by Portuguese traders in the 1600’s and have been a symbol of Japanese hospitality ever since.

shop with kendallyn sugarfina luxury candies

Once again, simply for looking extremely interesting, I knew I had to pick these candies up as well. Having a super light fruity taste, these were extremely addicting were probably one of my favorite sweets that I picked up from Sugarfina that day. They definitely satisfied my sweet tooth that day!

shop with kendallyn sugarfina luxury candies Kyoto Blossoms Japanese Candy

I am so happy I came across Sugarfina’s luxury candies and can’t wait to order more in the future! It’s such a joy to be able to try out different candies from around the world in such a chic, modern way. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post and get to visit Sugarfina someday! It is definitely an experience for all sugar-lover’s alike.

Aren’t Sugarfina’s luxury candies amazing?! What’s your favorite sweet treat? Let me know in the comments below!

To find the nearest Sugarfina store, click here.




*Not sponsored. All opinions are 100% honest and mine.  

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