A Must-Have for the Adventure Seekers: Hoo-Rags (Review)

I’m so lucky that I live less than an hour away from one of my favorite places- Mt. Hood!  Being only my second year of snowboarding, I’ve significantly improved since last year. I could barely stand up the first couple of weeks last year which made it discouraging to continue to keep going up to the mountain, but I stuck it out and kept on going.

This year on the other hand has been quite a blast so far! Since improving this year, I been wondering why I haven’t been snowboarding earlier in my life?! I’ve sure been missing out! With snowboarding being such a blast, there’s only one downside to it- it’s that I am ALWAYS cold. Being someone who has poor circulation problems, it’s a little more of a challenge to stay warm. Luckily I know an easy way to stay nice and toasty when I go snowboarding!

I got the wonderful opportunity to work with the Hoo-Rag Company once again and test out one of their original Hoo-Rags and one of their newest products! In my last post, I got to try out the Sub Zero Blue BellaTrix Hoo-Rag which was so fun to review. This year I got to test out the original Funky Fracture ($15.95) and their new Gray Polartek Max Hoorag ($23.95).

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What’s a Hoo Rag?

A Hoo-Rag is a revolutionary headware that can be worn by all kinds of outdoorsy people and athletes around the world. It’s made out of 100% polyester that protects the face and neck from the elements, harmful UV rays and also wicks away any moisture. The fantastic thing about a Hoo-Rag is that it’s very, very versatile. There’s all kinds of ways you can wear one on an adventure. Some people use it as a headband, neck gaiter, pony tail, or even beanie.

I personally like using the two Hoo-Rags as neck and face warmers because both can be used for different weather conditions. The Funky Fracture is perfect for those clear, yet cold days up at the mountain, while the Polartek Max Hoo-Rag keeps my face and neck completely protected from heavy snow pelting my face on those blizzardly days.

The first Hoo-Rag I brought up to the mountain with me was the Funky Fracture Original Hoo Rag. The light, stretchy Polyester makes it perfect to be worn on those clear, yet freezing days up at Mt. Hood. The first time trying it out, I was very impressed and surprised with how breathable the fabric was. I had no problem with being cold whatsoever which made for a perfect day up on the slopes.

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The days where a wintry blizzard is in the forecast up on Mt. Hood is when I bring the Polartek Max Hoo-Rag. Lined with soft pill-proof fleece, the rag helps keep the face and neck protected from the wind and snow that pelts the face. Being a half-hoo, which means half the length of a regular Hoo-Rag, the Porlatek Max is perfect for those winter adventurers to wear as a helmet liner, face mask, neck warmer or headband. I found the Polartek Hoo-Rag to keep me super warm without giving me the feeling of being suffocated. It’s an awesome new addition to my snowboarding gear!

I am so glad I discovered Hoo-Rags, because they help so much with keeping me up on the mountain longer! It’s nice not having to worry about whether I will be and icicle all day when I know that I have my Hoo-Rag on hand. Thanks Hoo-Rag!

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*Disclaimer: Products received as sample to review. All opinions are 100% honest and mine.

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