How to Give your Windows a Makeover with Regal Drapes

“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.” -Wendy Wunder

Being a person who constantly likes to rearrange, customize, and improve things, I always find it fun to figure out ways to upgrade and make my house feel more like a home. With that being said, my latest project was trying to find the perfect way to decorate my boring windows and add in a little style. Thankfully I discovered Regal Drapes, a site where you can beautify your windows with just a few clicks. Here are my windows before the transformation:

Regal Drapes Roman Blinds Blog Product Review window

At Regal Drapes, there’s everything from drapes, and roman shades to intricate valances that add a sophisticated and modern touch to any home. With the huge selection of fancy window drapes and blinds, it was fun going through all of the beautiful prints and fabrics deciding which ones are the perfect match to your home. I personally am very into the minimal look right now, so my vision for my windows was to have a very simple look and feel. I also knew that I wanted some kind of drapery of blinds that helped with privacy so I went with the perfect fixture for my windows; theĀ Classic Roman Shades.

The process to customizing my windows was so simple. This first thing I did was decide which kind of fixture I wanted. After deciding on the roman shades, I picked out which fabric was the best for my kitchen and dining room. I went with “Bistro Snow” because you can never go wrong with white. This specific fabric has such a beautiful texture. Here’s a closer look at the fabric:

The next step was to pick the kind of mount for the drapes. There are two options for the roman blinds, either an inside or outside mount. I went with an inside mount, meaning the shades would be mounted in my recessed window opening. My windows are very deep-set, so the inside mount, so the inside mount would look best. The next few easy steps to customizing my windows were correctly measuring them, picking the proper headrail, selecting the preferred lift type, and how much privacy is desired. Then clicking “order” was all that was left!

After all of the easy steps were followed, the customized shades showed up on my doorstep within one week. When I took them out of the box, they were immediately ready to be installed. The blinds came with very easy to follow instructions and were hung up in no time. Here are my shades all hung up:

Regal Drapes Roman Blinds Blog Product Review window

These beautiful modern blinds complete my kitchen and dining room!

Regal Drapes Roman Blinds Blog Product Review windows

These blinds perfectly compliment my house while adding a clean modern touch. I am so beyond pleased with my experience with Regal Drapes. The customer service is absolutely phenomenal and their products are of the highest quality. Thanks to Regal Drapes it was easier than ever to add some privacy and style into my home with just a few clicks.

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*A big thank you to Regal Drapes for collaborating with me in this post! All opinions are 100% honest and mine.

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