A Fashion Must-Have: Convertible Pantyhose By Glogover (Review)

I’ll have to admit, I haven’t worn pantyhose for years! They’ve simply just been such a hassle for me in the past. Pantyhose reminds me of the days in my youth when I had to wear itchy, uncomfortable tights and other kinds of stockings for special occasions like Christmas, church, and family photos. Since It’s been a while since wearing tights, or partyhose, I thought I would give them another try. I got the opportunity to test out the Convertibles Pantyhose by Glogover Hosiery.

I really took interest in the Convertibles by Glogover ($18) because they aren’t like average pantyhose. In fact they are the world’s only pantyhose with an innovative patented toe flap design. They can be worn three different ways; closed toe, open toe, and even ankle high. With all of the different ways to wear them, they are perfect for closed-toed heels, open-toed sandals, dancing, easy toe access for pedicures and more. With the option of two different shades to pick from (nude or black), I went with the black tights because I was feeling a little bold. Plus black is one of my favorite shades to wear. You can never go wrong with black!

Here in the photo below, I’m wearing the tights the close toed way. They look like regular pantyhose, right?

black pantyhose Convertibles by Glogover

Well think again! 

black pantyhose Convertibles by Glogover

It’s so neat to be able further customize any outfit with just a flip-of-a-flap! Within seconds I completely changed the style of my outfit. After trying out these Convertibles that I thought I wouldn’t like, I can honestly say they are quite fun to wear! Not only are they cool because they are convertible, they have a no-roll waistband that smooths out everything, a gradual compression fit to ease leg fatigue, and always remains resilient. I’m so glad I gave pantyhose another try, especially the Convertibles, because they really are 3 wardrobe essentials in one!

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See all the ways to wear Convertible pantyhose by clicking here.

*Disclaimer: Product received as a sample to review. All opinions are 100% honest and mine. 

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