The Savvy Rest Dog Bed: A Perfect Gift for a Furry Friend (Review)

Give the Gift of Comfort to a Furry Friend this Holiday Season

Finding the right dog bed can be a little bit difficult given the fact that there are so many different types beds to choose from. There are hundreds of different dog kinds of beds out there, So picking the right one for your furry friend might be daunting!

One of the most important and obvious things that needs to be taken into consideration when looking for a bed is the size of your dog, and what its needs are. This is my big, goofy, and loving black lab, Banner. He is 12 years old and still full of energy. He may be an energetic ball of fur, but he has hip displacia, an abnormal formation of the hip joints that causes him a little amount of pain and discomfort after a long day of playing.

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With Banner’s hip displacia and size in mind, I was on the lookout for the comfiest dog bed out there that fits his needs. Not having to look too far, I came across the Savvy Rest Doggy Bed.

The Savvy Rest dog bed is available in a range of sizes from small through large and can either be filled with formed or shredded all natural, non-toxic latex. Each Doggy Bed comes with an all natural, organic cotton cover that is removable and washable. I picked the black large Savvy Rest Doggy Bed with shredded latex.

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I chose the shredded latex which is so soft, it feels like it is filled with a cloud! I wanted Banner to sink right in, allowing him to have some relief the days where his hip displacia is acting up. Allowing Banner to lay on his new bed for the first time, you can tell immediately that he loved his new doggy bed! He fell right asleep!

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I also chose the biggest Savvy Rest Doggy Bed because banner is quite a big boy.  Measuring 37″ x 47″, the Savvy Rest Doggy Bed is just the perfect size for Banner to stretch out any way he likes.

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The Savvy Rest Doggy Bed really was a hit with my dog. Looks like I found the perfect bed for Banner! I highly recommend looking into getting a natural latex dog bed for your special furry friend because not only are they super soft and durable, the latex is non-toxic and won’t hurt your dog if the bed somehow got ripped open or chewed on. For being an old dog, look at those grateful puppy dog eyes!

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 Since the holidays are rolling on it, I think the Savvy Rest Dog bed would make the perfect gift for a furry friend this year! Savvy Rest not only has doggy beds, they have kitty beds, sofas, bed frames- and human beds too! There’s literally something for everyone at Savvy Rest. So give the gift of comfort this year with Savvy Rest!

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Disclaimer: Products received as sample to review. All opinions are 100% honest and mine.


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