November Favorites: Stylish Eye Wear from Cheapass Sunglasses (Review)

I don’t know about you, but I really love cheap sun glasses verses designer ones. Why you ask? Because It’s way too easy to lose, break, and scratch them!

Recently, I got the wonderful opportunity to try out a pair of wholesale sunglasses from Cheapass Sunglasses (I giggled at the name, too) which turned out to be a wonderful experience. Upon looking on their site for the perfect pair of eye wear, I found that Cheapass Sunglasses has an amazing, huge selection of different shapes, colors, and styles from basic aviator shades to bold festival specs.

One thing I love about Cheapass Sunglasses site is that it is extremely easy to navigate and search for your favorite styles. After looking through all of the selection, I chose the “Wiz Khalifa” shades because I thoughts they would look best on my face- plus the blue and green tint look pretty awesome. Upon ordering them, I was very pleased with how fast the shipping was. They came in a tiny, sturdy green box that safely secured the glasses.

shop with kendallyn eye wearI love the simple, yet edgy look of these colorful glasses. In the past, I usually would only go for solid black lenses, but theses are a fun, refreshing pair of glasses, that I thought I should at least give a chance- and I’m so glad I did!

shop with kendallyn eye wear

I am overall very impressed with Cheapass Sunglasses and highly recommend checking them out because they truly do have “cheap-ass” sunglasses but in a wonderful way! All the eye wear on their site is no more than $10. That’s a wonderful bargain if you ask me. And the most wonderful thing about Cheapass Sunglasses? They look like designer eye wear for the fraction of the price.

Shop Cheapass Glasses

See the massive selection of cheap glasses by clicking the link below:



Disclaimer: Product Received as a sample to review. All opinions are 100% honest and mine.



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