The Baby Foot Exfoliating Mask: Does it really work?

Say Hello to Baby Soft Feet

Having dry, tough, leathery feet can be pretty embarrassing- am I right? Did you know that you can have up to 80 layers of dead skin built-up on the bottoms of your feet? Bleh! With that much skin accumulation, regular pedicures, scrubbings, and filing simply won’t do the job of removing all of the dead skin.

Thankfully there is a products that easily gets rid of even the driest skin on the feet- and let me tell you, it goes above and beyond with getting the job done. Baby Foot, the revolutionary all-natural, Japanese foot exfoliant mask is the most effective, popular skin softening products on the market.

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Having dry feet myself, I carefully followed the instructions on the package and let all of the natural ingredients soak into my feet. To make it more comfortable while I was wearing the booties, I slipped fluffy warm socks over the plastic ones so I can carefully walk around without anyone in my family laughing at me. I may have had a couple doubts at first whether this product would work or not, but oh my goodness, little did I know what was coming a few days later.

Approximately 3 days after doing the exfoliating treatment, I was amazed with how foreign my feet looked. They were super scaley, and looked a little like alien/lizard feet. I was shocked, a little grossed-out, and extremely fascinated with how all of the dead skin on my feet were peeling before my eyes revealing soft pink, baby soft skin underneath. A few more days had passed and I couldn’t believe how petal soft my skin was.

After testing Baby Foot out, I can say that I highly recommend this product for anyone who has dry feet, wants to have pretty feet for a vacation, so simply wants to pamper themselves! This product may be a little odd, but boy is it extremely effective!

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Since this October is Beast Cancer Awareness Month, Baby Foot is donating 20% of all of their October sales to help fight against breast cancer. Visit the link below to get your own Baby Foot treatment and help donate to a wonderful cause:

Have you ever tried the Baby Foot Mask? If not, would you ever try it? Let me know in the comments!


*Disclaimer: Product received as sample to review. All opinions are 100% honest and mine.



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