Sigma’s New Baking and Strobing Makeup Brush Set Review

The Ultimate Skin Perfecting Brushes

When you love makeup as much as I do, it’s inevitable to have an obsession with makeup brushes! Since discovering different brushes over the years, my makeup looks have come a long way. I’ve noticed they always make my finished makeup looks 100x better. Today I wanted to share my newest favorite brushes from Sigma Beauty that perfectly blur and perfect the face- the Baking and Strobing Brush Set.


These five Sigma brushes have completely replaced my makeup sponges. I love them because they are extremely versatile and can be used with creams, liquid, or powder makeup products. The set comes in a super sleek, black box with pretty holographic writing.

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Here’s a few of my thoughts and closer look at each beautiful brush:

F89 Bake Kabuki

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I’m in love with this brush because first of all it can be used to stipple on foundation and then used to press on powder to “bake” the face. The sharp angle of this brush perfectly contours to the face to effortlessly reach every crevice. The super soft brush fibers pretty much give my face the same results that a beauty blender does- which is perfectly blended foundation!

F79 Concealer Blend Kabuki

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Now this brush is one of my favorites because it works so perfectly and has completely replaced my BeautyBlender. It has a really dense amount of fine fibers that perfectly blend concealer without much effort while leaving the complexion seamlessly smooth.

P89 Bake Precision

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I like that this little brush has a flat top at an angle so that reaching the under eye area with concealer or powder is easier than ever. I not only use this brush for just concealer and baking, I like to use it for contouring as well. I find it super useful for carving out the nose and cheek bones because it is the perfect angle and size!

F06 Powder Sweep

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This one is really nice for setting powder under the eyes and also sweeping any excess powder off. I like to set some powder under my eyes, leave it on for a few minutes, then lightly brush the extra off with this brush and it sure leaves my skin looking flawless that lasts all day long!

F42 Strobing Fan

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The Strobing Fan really comes in handy for adding the perfect highlight to finish off any makeup look. I like to the Becca Highlighter and use the brush to lightly sweep the highlighter onto my cheekbones, nose, cupid’s bow, and anywhere that could use a little extra glow.

I am just so blown away with these brushes and HIGHLY recommend them for anyone who is into baking and strobing. Even if baking and strobing isn’t your thing, I still recommend these brushes because they are perfect for those who want to learn and try out those techniques. I promise you will be obsessed with baking and strobing after giving these brushes a try!

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*Disclaimer: Products received as samples to review. All opinions are 100% honest and mine.

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