A Trendy Fall Essential: Capri Designs Clear Stadium Bags (Review)

Thanks to Capri Designs, it is easier than ever to bring a bag into concerts, stadium events, or simply wherever your trendy, beautiful heart brings you. I’ve personally been to a ton of concerts and events this year and boy, what a genius idea Capri Designs had to make the perfect-sized bag to bring all of your essentials in. Having a clear bag not only shows that you don’t have anything to hide in your bag making it faster to get past security and into the event, it’s also a super stylish accessory to take anywhere!

The Perfect Essential

Capri Designs has a few different styles of their clear bags to choose from. This one is the Tan Small Cross Body Bag. Measuring 8″ x 6” x 1.6″ , this bag is the perfect size to fit small, but important essentials in!

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Look at the detailing! Each Capri Design bag is made with 100% vegan leather. It’s also very versatile because the straps are detachable so it can easily be converted into a cute little clutch!

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The Clearly Fashion Cross-Body Bag is perfect alone or can be even more useful with Capri Design’s little organization accessory inserts that are sold separately. They come in a bunch of different colors, so it’s easy to find a color that matches your personality, or even favorite sports team! I chose the color black because black seriously goes with everything! Here are some of the accessories that I have:

Black ID Case, $19.29

This little ID Case really comes in handy when all you want to bring with you is your ID and some cash. It makes it nice to carry around because it is discreet, yet can still be carried around in your clear bag without putting that you have cash in your purse on display.

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Eyeglass Carryall Case, $23.90

It doesn’t just have to carry sunglasses! The Eyeglass Carryall seriously can carry any small essential like a phone, lip balm, makeup, and more. I honestly love carrying my phone inside this sleek pouch. It’s seriously the perfect size for whatever small essential I feel like bringing with me!

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Catchall Case, $23.99

This is my favorite accessory for my Clearly Fashion Bag because it can discreetly keep all essentials together and also be worn as a wristlet or clutch. It’s definitely a must-have if you ask me!

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The possibilities are truly endless on how you choose to customize and wear the Clearly Fashion Bag. I like to mix up which accessory cases I bring with me every time I wear it depending on how discreet I feel like being! Here is how I wore my bag today:

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I am honestly in love with these amazing clear bags from Capri Designs and highly recommend them for anyone who frequently goes to events, or simply wants a unique bag for everyday use! Not only are they extremely useful, they can also make the perfect gift for anyone who loves seeing their favorite sports team or artist live!

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There’s all kinds of beautiful things including bags, totes and stationary to discover at Capri Designs. Take a look by clicking here!

*Disclaimer: Products received as a sample to review. All opinions are my own. 


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  1. I’d use it at my religious events, and also when I go to the airport to visit my sister at the end of this year!!! It’s so cute and versatile clear; I LOVE IT!!!

  2. I don’t have one event in mind, but where ever I go. To dinner, movies, concerts, and anywhere else. It’s a great size, cute, and has a strap.

  3. I would take it with me everywhere. As a mama who’s constantly digging through her bag this would help so much

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