Au Naturale Cosmetics: Natural Makeup Look + Review

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Have you ever taken a moment to look at the labels (if there even are any) on any of your makeup products? It may shock you that a lot of makeup brands, even well-known brands, use ingredients that can be bad for our skin and health over time. Lately I’ve been more conscious about what goes on my face and its been extremely easy!┬áThankfully Au Naturale used all-natural ingredients and is conscious with every single ingredient that goes into their makeup- that’s why I love using their products!

Today I wanted to share my top favorite products from Au Naturale and show you my finished look using all of their products! I want to show you that all-natural products work just as well as any!

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Organic Cream Foundation in Porcelain, $38

First thing, I am actually very surprised that Au Naturale makes a foundation light enough for my skin, as it can be difficult at times trying to find a shade that doesn’t look like I’m wearing an orange mask. It’s wonderful to be able to apply foundation and have it blend in perfectly with my skin.

Infused with skin loving ingredients like jojoba, lavender, and other light oils, this foundation nourishes the skin while providing a nice creamy finish. I like that it doesn’t feel too heavy or greasy. Another nice thing about this foundation is that since it is so highly pigmented, a little goes a long way, that way not a lot has to be applied to achieve full coverage.

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Organic Cream Bronzer Stick $32

Made with shimmery mica, this beautiful bronzer stick gives the skin a perfect sun-kissed glow any time of the year. My favorite thing about this bronzer is that it has just the right amount of shimmer and blends into the skin effortlessly. I personally like to apply it to the areas of my face that get the most sunlight like the top of my forehead, below me cheekbones, and nose. You can never go wrong with wanting a little sun-kissed glow- without having to damage your skin by traditional sun tanning!

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Lip & Cheek Tint in Parisian Pink, $22

This highly pigmented lip and cheek tint is a keeper because it’s pretty and so versatile! Infused with skin-loving oils like jojoba, pomegranate, and avocado, it glides on smoothly while giving the face some extra nourishment. I like blending a small abound on the apples of my cheeks and also dabbing it onto my lips for some added color.

I like it because it isn’t too over the top with pigmentation and look super natural on any skin tone! It’s the perfect rosy pink.

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The Mixologist Lipstick, $25

Now this lipstick is a game changer. Made to wear alone or over any lipstick, the Mixologist transforms any lip color into a shimmery pearlecent pout! And what’s even more amazing about the Mixologist is that it doesn’t just stop as a lipstick. This stuff can be used to create dimension to not just your lips, but also as a highlighter for the cheekbones, eyebrows, and anywhere that needs some extra highlighting! This is probably my favorite product from Au Naturale!

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This is my finished “natural” look using all of Au Naturale’s products:

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I love Au Nautrale’s wonderful products and highly recommend them for anyone who wants to take a few steps closer to living a healthy lifestyle. All of the products that I’ve tried work amazingly and just as well as a ton of other brands of makeup brands I’ve used in the past- maybe even a little better! It’s truly a great feeling knowing that everything that goes on my face is healthy and natural. Thanks Au Naturale!

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See the huge selection of all-natural makeup by clicking here.

*Disclaimer: Products were received as samples to review. All opinions are my own.


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