The Best Hair Products that Tame Wild Curls: Ouidad Professional Hair Care (Review)

“Embrace what you were born with because it’s beautiful.” -Shay Mitchell

 See the Full Potential of Those Beautiful Curls with Oiudad

Being someone who ALWAYS styles their hair to be either stick-straight or curled, you’d probably never guess my natural hair type. Truth is my hair is naturally fluffy, frizzy, and wavy. I remember growing up and always hating my hair, wishing that it was straight. It seems like we always want what we don’t have, right?!

Now that I’m 20 and have been styling my hair for some time now, it seems like it’s harder to wear my hair natural because it just looks even more frizzy and damaged. Good thing I got the opportunity to test out some products from Ouidad, because it has sure changed my outlook on the natural hair I was born with!

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Ouidad is a professional hair care company that has products for all kinds of different textured hair types from loose waves to kinky-coiled curls. After getting to try out a few of their products, I am above and beyond excited the share which products worked best for me! Here are my favorites:

Curl Essentials Trial Kit, $36.00

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This wonderful trial kit is absolutely perfect if you want to test out Ouidad Products but aren’t sure if you want to buy the full size products. This specific travel set contains everything you need for your curls to look and feel their best. It also comes in handy as perfect travel sized products if you are one who travels frequently!

This set includes four 2.5 ounce bottles that include the following:

  • Water Works Clarifying Shampoo
  • Moisture Lock Leave in Conditioner
  • Botanical Boost Curl Energizing & Refreshing Spray
  • Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel

I’ve found that all of these products work absolutely amazing for my hair type. Each product goes hand-in-hand to help revive and replenish each and every damaged strand of hair. I noticed that is leaves my hair feeling super soft and actually separates my usually frizzy, tangled curls when my hair air dries. This kit is definitely a must-try for anyone who wants to help tame their natural textured hair!

Wave Create Texture Putty, $26.00

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A little goes a long way with this deliciously-scented hair putty. I love that it effortlessly creates beautiful texture and waves without the stickiness, weight, or stiffness of some products I’ve used in the past.


  • Molds and shapes curls without leaving residue
  • Super-pliable formula
  • Created textured looks

After washing and conditioning my hair, I like to put a small amount onto my hands, and lightly scrunch my hair encouraging more wave formations. I then let my hair air dry leaving beautifully formed waves without the residue of a gel or crunch of a mousse!

Wave Create Sea Spray, $26.00

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It is so simple to create perfect beachy waves using the Wave Create Sea Spray. Containing completely natural sea water and salt, this spray effortlessly creates gorgeous wind tossed waves without leaving the hair stiff and feeling dried out.

Here are some of its benefits:

  • Creates waves while keeping curls soft and nourished
  • Won’t leave curls and waves crunchy and stiff
  • Locks in beachy style

Honestly, I was a little hesitant to try out this spray at first fearing that it would make my hair feel super dry and brittle like some salt sprays have done in the past but after trying it out, I am in love! I simply spritz it on my damp hair after showering and it somehow makes my waves even wavier!

Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel, $26.00

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This is probably one of my favorites from Oiudad because it works so well! My hair is always so frizzy and huge so this really does wonders!


  • Prevents frizz, unwanted volume & flyaways
  • protects curls and hair color
  • gentle, sulfate-free formula

I like to put this in my hair on the days that my hair looks extra frizzy or when I know it’s going to be a humid day-which is almost everyday considering that I live in rainy Oregon. I simply squeeze a small amount out and run my fingers through my hair gently to separate and smooth each curl. I like that by just using a small amount, this gel locks in moisture and softness all while keeping the frizz away. It’s definitely a lifesaver for people who live in humid places and struggle with combating their unruly hair!

Curl Last Flexible-Hold Hairspray, $20.00

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A lot of the hairsprays I’ve used in the past either left my hair feeling crunchy, stiff, and me feeling like I need to wash it out immediately because I couldn’t stand how my hair felt. With this Flexible-Hold Hairspray, it is the complete opposite.

Key Benefits:

  • Isn’t sticky, flaky, or crunchy
  • Allows hair to be customized and layered, yet breathable
  • Adds healthy shine and movement

Most hairsprays just lay on the outer layer of hair leaving it crunchy, but this Oat Protein and Sunflower oil-infused hairspray sets deep into the hair working each individual strand from the inside out. My favorite thing about this spray is that it leaves my hair feeling soft and touchable all while doing its job of securing an all-day hold!


Remember: Always Embrace What You’re Born With!

I’ve honestly grown to love and embrace my textured hair thanks to Oiudad. It has made it so much easier to wear my hair all natural. I really appreciate that Ouidad specifically formulates their products for so many different hair types. I highly recommend giving Ouidad a try so people with textured hair can see their hair’s full potential! Thank Oiudad!


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Whether you have a soft wave to your hair or kinky curls, Ouidad has just what you need to make your curls look better than ever! Find the perfect hair care for your specific hair type by clicking here.

Join in on the conversation! What’s your hair type? Got any amazing tips for us people with textured hair? Let us know in the comments!



Disclaimer: Products received as samples to review. All opinions are honest and are 100% my own. 

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