Nutrition at Home or On the Go: Bob’s Redmill Oatmeal Cups Review + GIVEAWAY

Get the Best Out of Breakfast, even On-The-Go

Today I wanted to share with you one of favorite food brands. Not only is Bob’s Red Mill super close to my house, it is also a beloved icon around the Portland area. I’ve always drove past the big red building basically all my life and never got the chance to test out some of the products until recently- and boy, have I been missing out!

The unique thing about Bob’s Red Mill is that it is employee owned and all of the grains are stone milled, as opposed to the modern processing techniques that usually take away most of the nutrients, so the mill produces nothing but wholesome grains, oats, granola and many other nutritious goods. Today I wanted to share my thoughts and also give you the chance to WIN these super delicious Oatmeal Cups from the one and only Bob’s Red Mill. So after reading through this post, don’t forget to enter the form at the bottom of this page! Enjoy and good luck!

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Brown Sugar and Maple

The flavors of this brown sugar and maple oatmeal bring me back to the simple days of childhood. I remember always having a bowl of oatmeal before school every morning, but this Bob’s Red Mill kind beats any other brown sugar and maple oatmeal I’ve ever had in the past!

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Blueberry and Hazelnut

Now I am obsessed with how yummy this blueberry and hazelnut oatmeal is! It’s probably my favorite flavor oatmeal cup! It has delicious sweet blueberries with crunchy Oregon hazelnuts throughout. I love the wonderful flavor combination!

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I love this wonderful classic oatmeal cup because the customization of flavors are endless! I simply cut up some ripe bananas and drizzled some honey over top and it tasted so yummy!

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Apple Pieces and Cinnamon

This is probably my second favorite kind out of all these oatmeal flavors. It is so filling and I love the simple pairing of tart apples and sweet cinnamon. This also beats any other apples and cinnamon oatmeal flavor I’ve ever had in the past.

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I am overall so impressed and love everything about these wonderful on-the-go oatmeal cups. They are gluten-free, vegan, heart healthy, super convenient and completely affordable. I am not a person who is gluten-free but I still really appreciate how caring Bob’s Red Mill is about people who are sensitive to gluten. I can definitely see why Bob’s Red Mill is a trusted and beloved company by locals and all around the country.

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Disclaimer: I received these products as samples. All opinions are my own. 


One lucky reader of mine will win 4 Bob’s Red Mill Oat Meal Cups! To enter, simply fill out the form below to start entering! A winner will be announced May 14th, 2016. Good Luck!

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