For the Classy Sweet-Tooth: The Unique Flavors of L’Artisan Gourmet Macarons

“All you need is love… but macarons are nice too!” -Unknown

They aren’t Like Average Macarons

I’m sure you know almost all traditional macarons contain the same basic ingredients – ground almond, egg, and powdered sugar. It all comes down to the distinct flavorings and cream in the middle, and that’s exactly what sets L’Artisan Macarons apart from all the other kinds if macarons I’ve tasted in the past.

L’Artisan Macarons are all-natural, preservative-free and are such a delight with all of their incredibly unique flavors! Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite little gourmet macaron creations from the one and only L’Artisan Macarons from San Francisco, California.

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I received the customizable Set of 12 Macarons ($32). This set of 12 came with 6 yummy different flavors. Today I wanted to share with you which ones I received and also share my thoughts about each flavor! Enjoy!shop with kendallyn

1. Raspberry

This is probably one of my top favorite macaron flavors from L’Artisan. They are dusted with crushed, dried raspberries that are kind of sour, but really compliment the sweet buttercream taste inside. Not only do these raspberry macarons taste amazing, they also look almost to pretty to eat!

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2. Key Lime

Wow, these yummy vibrant green key lime macarons taste heavenly! It seriously tastes like a bite of key lime pie when you bite into one of these wonderful creations!

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3. Hawaiian Kona Coffee

I’m not very into the taste of coffee, but I really did enjoy these beautiful coffee-sprinkled, bitter-sweet macarons. They sure have a little kick to them, which I’m sure all coffee fans will adore!

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4. Passion Fruit

Now I really love the taste of these unique little beauties. They really do taste just like fresh passion fruit! So yummy! I also love the vibrant pink color of these- maybe because pink is my favorite color!

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5. Lemon Meyer

These lemon macarons are sprinkled with little lemony sugar candy crystals which make them look and taste amazing. I am a huge fan of lemon flavor, so I think these are absolutely delicious! They have the perfect amount of lemony goodness!

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6. Pistachio 

When I first saw these pistachio macarons, I wasn’t sure how they would taste because I have only ever eaten pistachios alone but I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted them! These pistachio-sprinkled macarons are so delightful with their creamy center filling and pistachio crumbles on the outside. They are definitely amazing and so satisfying!

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Me and my sweet-tooth sure had fun tasting these delicious macarons! I am very impressed with all of the flavors and quality that go into making these beautiful sweet treats! L’Artisan Macarons definitely have some of the best macarons I’ve ever tasted!

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Shop L’Artisan Macarons

The most wonderful thing about L’Artisan Macarons is that they can be ordered online and delivered straight to your door. That way they can make wonderful, effortless gifts for loved ones- or yourself!

Also, during the month of April, by simply entering “KENDALLYN” in the promo box before purchasing you can get 10% off your order!  Here’s the link:

Thank you for shopping with me!

*Disclaimer: I received this product as a sample. All opinions are my own.



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