Live a Little Healthier: Clean Pits Co. Hand Churned Natural Deodorant Review

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Did you know that most of the leading brands of deodorant contain ingredients like parabens, aluminum, and other ingredients I can’t even pronounce that are linked to cancer?

I know there are a lot of chemicals and other potentially harmful ingredients in all kinds of products we use in daily life, but its nice knowing at least my favorite deodorant is free from all of that junk! Today I wanted to share with you my thoughts about hand churned all-natural deodorants by the Clean Pits Company. There are three different kinds of deodorant from the Clean Pits Company: Clary Sage, Lavender, and Tea Tree. I got the opportunity to try out the lovely Lavender Deodorant ($14) and put it to the test.


I really love this deodorant because not only does it smell fresh and clean, it consists of simple ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, sodium bicarbonate (aluminum free), arrowroot, non-GMO cornstarch and essential oil of lavender- all simple, pronounceable ingredients. All of these ingredients including the antiseptic qualities of the lavender essential oil come together to disinfect, ease tension, and of course, leave your armpits smelling amazing.

Another thing that’s great about this deodorant is that you rub it on with your fingers and if there’s some left over, you can rub it into your hands or other parts of your body that need a little extra moisture. What a bonus! I like using it on my elbows and knees because sometimes they can get a little dry.

All in all, I find this all-natural deodorant to smell amazing, and definitely do its job! Thank you Clean Pits Company! Keep doing what you do!

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Thank you for shopping with me! Which all-natural deodorant from the Clean Pits Company is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

*Disclaimer: I received this item as a sample to review. All opinions are my own.


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