February Favorites: VRS Gym Fashion Leggings

Hello everyone!

So I made it a goal to start going to the gym more often.  I know, like everyone else does in the new year. But since it’s a brand new year, I thought I would give my workout outfit a new upgrade. My first super colorful leggings of the year are leggings from VRS Gym Fashion!

I usually just wear all black, so I thought it would be fun and more motivating to wear some color! I got the beautiful “Little Star Leggings”.


All of the leggings from VRS Gym Fashion are super stretchy but don’t stretch out or slip. They can be used for yoga, exercise, Pilates, and a bunch of other activities that require a lot of moving around! A couple of my favorite things about VRS Gym Fashion Leggings are that the waist band is wide so it looks flattering on my hips, and also that they aren’t see through at all.

I overall very impressed with the quality of VRS Gym Fashion. My favorite things about these leggings are that they are super comfortable, don’t sag, and have gorgeous, unique designs on them. Thank you VRS Gym Fashion!



See all the different leggings patterns VRS Gym Fashion has to offer by clicking the link below:


Thank you for shopping with me! What’s your favorite pair of leggings from VRS Gym Fashion? Let me know in the comments below!

*Disclaimer: I received this product as a sample to review. All opinions are my own.

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