Wintery Weather Must-Haves: Cozy Blanket Scarves from ‘That Scarf Lady’

Feel Warm and Cozy on the Go

Being someone who is freezing all hours of the day, it’s always SO tempting to bring my big fuzzy comforter out and about with me in public. I luckily always think twice because I’m sure I would get a lot of odd stares as I browsed the store aisles or waited in line at the bank looking like a fuzzy gray burrito. Good thing ‘blanket scarves’ exist and are in style this winter!


A blanket scarf is literally a light weight blanket you wrap around your neck in a stylish fashion. My current favorite place to get them is from That Scarf Lady who has a beautiful, affordable collection of all kinds of colors and patterns. Here I am wearing the beautiful Blue Blanket Scarf ($25) which is currently sold out at the moment.


No wonder these sold out so quickly, these blanket scarves are amazing and very reasonably priced. I am so impressed with the quality and warmth of this scarf. When it arrived at my door step, it was very nicely packaged and once I opened it, I fell in love with how soft it was! I love that it is not too bulky and doesn’t feel itchy.

In conclusion, Now it isn’t as tempting to bring my whole bed set with me on all of these chilly days thanks to That Scarf Lady!


Not only does That Scarf Lady sell a huge selection of blanket scarves, there are also infinity scarves, ponchos, and capes to browse through. See all of the beautiful scarves That Blanket Lady has by simply clicking the link below:

Thank you for visiting Shop with Kendallyn! What’s your favorite scarf from That Scarf Lady? Let me know in the comments!

*Disclaimer: I received this product as a sample to share my thoughts on. All opinions are 100% my own.

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