December Favorites: Optimistic Elephant Yoga Mats

“Be so happy, that when others look at you, they become happy” -Unknown

Brighten your Yoga Essentials with Optimistic Elephant Yoga Mats

I don’t know about you, but to me there’s something so refreshing and motivating about having a brand new yoga mat! Optimistic Elephant on Etsy has some of the most beautiful, high quality yoga mats I have ever seen.

Each one of Optimistic Elephant’s yoga mats have a very unique, modern pattern along with an energetic, bright color scheme. My favorite mat on their Etsy page is the Fuchsia and Turquoise Yoga Mat ($60.00).



I love it because it is brightly colored and sets a happy mood when I use it! I like using my yoga mat for, of course, yoga and also exercises like sit-ups and other floor exercises. My whole house has wood flooring so its nice to have a thick mat to support my body and protect it from the uncomfortable hard ground while I’m exercising.

Every one of Optimistic Elephant’s Mats are designed and printed with UV Cured, solvent free inks and are made with non-latex materials so they are very durable and made well. They are also very long in length with a measure of 74″ and 1/4″ thick giving you amazing support and grip!

I highly recommend Optimistic Elephant’s yoga mats because they are beautiful, well made, and make you feel amazing at home or yoga class!

Shop Optimistic Elephant 

Visit Optimistic Elephant on Etsy to see all of their Yoga Mats by clicking the link below:

Thanks for shopping with me!


*Disclaimer: I received this item to sample. All opinions are my own. 





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