Good For You and the Earth: ORganic Garb Tshirts

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Organic Cotton is the Way to Go

Did you know that less than 1% of cotton grown and produced is organic?  The other percentage of cotton that is grown has pesticides, insecticides, and other harmful substances used by farmers each year that can be harmful for us and the Earth. Luckily ORganic Garb uses organic cotton so you can feel extra good about what you’re wearing!

ORganic Garb has a nice selection of t-shirts for men and women ranging from solid colors to beautiful tie dye patterns. I chose the simple ORganic Grey T-Shirt because I love the simplistic light gray color!

All of ORganic Garb’s shirts are so soft and comfortable. I love to wear mine out and about and especially when I workout or go on a run!

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ORganic Garb is such a great business because not only are they very environmentally conscious, they are trying to bolster the organic movement one t-shirt at a time!

Shop ORganic!

Drop by ORganic Garb to check out all of amazing organic cotton t-shirts they have by visiting the link below:

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*Disclaimer: I received the item as a sample to review. All opinions are my own.

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